Canadian oil stocks hit hard on markets

Monday was a tough day for the oil and gas industry on global stock markets.
Monday was a tough day for the oil and gas industry on global stock markets. (Dave Olecko/Bloomberg )

Stocks hit lows not seen in more than a decade

By Kyle Bakx, CBC News Posted: Aug 24, 2015 3:04 PM ET Last Updated: Aug 24, 2015 3:06 PM ET
Monday was a tough day for the oil and gas industry on global stock markets.

In early trading on Monday, the price of some stocks hit levels not seen in 15 years. Stock markets around the globe suffered huge losses, although some were able to rebound.

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RCMP Blocked From Entering Unist’ot’en Territory

Original Story Unistotencamp

Unist’ot’en Call for Physical Support and Solidarity

Dear Friends and Supporters,

It is becoming clear that the situation here is moving toward an escalation point. Chevron has set up a base in Houston in order to do work on the secton of Pacific Trails Pipeline that crosses our traditional territory.

In recent days a low-flying helicopter has flown over the camp several times following a route that corresponds to the path of the proposed PTP pipeline. We were also visited by the head of the RCMP detachment who clearly stated to Freda that they intend to “ensure the work crews can do their work safely.”

Our supporters maintaining an Unist’ot’en check point on Chisolm Rd were also visited and threatened by the police. In both cases, the officers asserted that we could be arrested for blocking a “public road”.

It is clear by the timing of these recent police actions that they are working in tandem with the pipeline companies.

We have made it clear to the police and industry that we are not blockading the road. We are establishing check-points on the boundaries of our unceded Unist’ot’en territories. People and companies who gain our consent are allowed to enter.

Many of you have visited our yintah (territory) and have experienced first-hand our critical infrastructure of water, salmon, berries and medicines. We are determined to protect this land for future generations, and in the process do our bit to shut down the toxic fossil fuel infrastructure that threatens all forms of living life on this planet.

At this time we would like to ask our supporters for the following things:

1) If you have been to our camp before and/or if you feel comfortable to put your self on the front-line to stand with us against Chevron, you can register here:

2) If you are unable to assist in person but would like to send financial support to help us with equipment and operational costs, donations can be sent by email transfer to fhuson(at)

Or if you would like to donate online you could contribute to the Healing Centre fundraiser:

Cheques can be made out to “Tse Wedi Elth”, 620 CN Station Rd, Smithers, BC, V0J 2N1.

3) You could organize solidarity actions where you live, either against Chevron directly or one of their investors.

Sne Kal Yah!

Unist’ot’en Camp

Don McDonald Shale Gas Archive: Natural Gas Information

Shale Gas it's not over

“For videos Don McDonald, archivist at New Brunswick is NOT for sale, has complied a massive library.

Anyone wanting to examine videos of confrontations with the RCMP please visit Don’s great work:- Natural Gas Information and Link to videos. For example, John Levi tows the SWN-hired native monitor’s truck on the bottom of page 36 in the video list. ty, peace” – Greg Cook (Facebook post)

Natural Gas Information
The following pdf documents are indexed. Clicking an index entry goes to a short description followed by a link to a web site containing details
related to the short description. For easy use, click on the index item item of interest to go to the item description. Click on the link below the
item description to see details.
Click on the back button to go back to the description. Use the scroll bar to go to back to the index.
All detail documents open in a new window or tab depending on your browser. With Internet Explorer the Edit, Find menu item can be used to search for
words or phrases in the pdf documents.

Shale Gas – May 2011 April 2012

Shale Gas – May 2011 April 2012

Shale Gas – May 2011 April 2012

Shale Gas – May 2012

Shale Gas – June 2012

Shale Gas – July 2012

Shale Gas – August 2012

Shale Gas – September 2012

Shale Gas – October 2012

Shale Gas – November 2012

Shale Gas – December 2012

Shale Gas – January 2013

Shale Gas – February 2013

Shale Gas – March 2013

Shale Gas – April 2013

Shale Gas – May 2013

Shale Gas – June 2013

Shale Gas – July 2013

Shale Gas – August 2013

Shale Gas – September 2013

Shale Gas – October 2013

Shale Gas – November 2013

Shale Gas – December 2013

Shale Gas – January 2014

Shale Gas – February 2014

Shale Gas – March 2014

Shale Gas – April 2014

Shale Gas – May 2014

Shale Gas – June 2014

Shale Gas – July 2014

Shale Gas – August 2014

Shale Gas – September 2014

Climate Change – Sept 2014

Tar Sands – March 2014

Videos in above files

The Facts on Fracking – Ingraffea

RCMP Snipers on standby at the Rexton anti-shale gas protest

By André Faust

Should the conflict between the protectors of the environment and those who want to contaminate the ecosystem for profit escalate to a war like confrontation RCMP trained snipers are on standby to use any means necessary to take control should the need arise.

Issuing the court injunction and the enforcement of the injunction is a recipe for disaster. The reason given why the injunction was upheld was because of threats made to the private security firm Industrial Securities which is own by the Irving Conglomerate, so in this respect the injunction served to indirectly protect the interest of Irvings’ and the interest of injunction applicant, SWN. So why go through this expense to move ahead with the exploration, the answer may lie in that the returns are going to be greater then the costs. What is not known at this time are the results of the previous exploration efforts that has been done in the province, one can speculate that the results must be favourable for the industry, why else would they continue exploration at the increased expense created by the protestors?

The Province, SWN an others who have a vested interest in developing the shale gas industry have no choice but to use aggressive tactics to dismantle the protestors who are trying to protect the environment to do anything otherwise would mean a loss of authority and legitimacy, so they will do everything in their power to keep control of the situation, even if it means mass arrests, deploying rubber bullets, tear gas and even killing people.

This not a protest in the classical sense of what a protest is, rather it is a group of people made of both native and non native who are committed to the preservation of the water supply and preventing any any other catastrophic consequences that may result from hydraulic fracturing. While at the same time you have a group Government, Industry whose position is diametrically opposite of those who’s passion is to save the environment. The consequence of the two extreme position is that no compromise between the two can be reached to resolve the problem at hand. The only logical outcome between the two is war like confrontation and clashes will continue until one of the sides wins the shale gas war, The best strategy for the protectors is to conduct themselves in such a way that the costs for the province and the industry exceeds the financial returns of shale gas extraction at that point it will no longer be feasible to pursue exploration and the eventual extraction.

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Minister of Public Safety Robert Trevors Refuses to Declare Cost of Anti-Shale Demonstration

Robert-TrevorsBy André Faust

The Province of New Brunswick in its attempt to show that it is in control of it citizens has increased the number of RCMP officers to police and arrest anti shale protesters who challenges the authority of the Government who is working alongside of the Shale Gas industry. The number police officers that are used is almost 1.6 officers for every 1 protester. While the arrests are justified by the protesters breaking the law, and understanding that be reached that these laws were enacted to limit the powers of the protesters. It is the intention of the government to allow and protesters or demonstrations to have any persuasion power. Historically it has been shown that after successful demonstrations laws were created solely to remove any advantages that demonstrators may at one time have.

Blogger-reporter Charles LeBlanc ask His Hon. Robert Trevors; what is it costing New Brunswickers to pay for a police force to protect the corporate interest of South Western Resource? The minister replied that there is a contract with the RCMP to keep control of the Demonstrators. Yet was willing in another interview divulge the costs associated with the enforcing internet child exploitation. According to Trevors, the Province has allocated 800 thousand to the police force to police and arrest offenders engaging in the exploitation of children via the internet, internet kiddy porn. Why the in consistencies between internet child porn and the demonstrators, in both cases the police is under contract, yet in on case the minister in the case of the kiddie porn, and yet not in the case of the of the anti-shale demonstrators. Since New Brunswickers are footing the bill for the police presence during the anti-shale protests then the costs should be made public.