Atlantic Regional Representative Tony Tracy Banned from NS Legislature

Tony Tracy, Atlantic Regional Representative Canadian Labour Congress

Atlantic Regional Representative Tony Tracy was banned from the Nova Scotia legislature for 90 days for leading a protest chant  in the gallery of the Legislature of “Who’s House? Our House!”. The protesters were at the legislature in support of the 2,300 nurses who are on strike because of concerns for patient safety, currently, there is not enough nurses relative to the number of patients.

Income Inequality as a Function of Concentrated Corporate Power

By André Faust

Over the course of the last several hundred years, the way business has been carried out have evolved to a state where these mega corporations have become almost untouchable and have become a state within themselves. In addition some of the high end corporations have acquired wealth that exceeds the wealth of most developed countries and can directly affect the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by either productivity or reducing their productivity. Using their vast amount of wealth and control over the human and natural resources  they have become very successful in getting the world governments to represent the interest of the Corporate State not the citizens their respective countries which classical government use to do.

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