Be Sure You Can Vote! The Rules Of The Game Have Changed.

Are you registered to vote

By André Faust

2011 results
The Effect of Voter Split

Stephen Harper and his government has launched the Fair Elections act that is design to stack the cards in his favour for re-election. Harper is counting on maintain voter split, in essence he can be re-elected with 39% of the vote. His strategy is straightforward; maintain the core vote of 39%t, and the rest of 61% will be divided up among the other parties which should give him his majority. If voters behave as they did in 2011 the same results can be expected

To ensure that he will maintain the advantage of voter split he introduced Fair Elections Act, which will make it more difficult for students, seniors and first time voters to vote come election time. The table below shows how much more complicated it is going to be at the polling station, at one time you only had to provide your voter card, in this election this is not going to be the case.

Show one piece of government-issued ID

It must have your photo, name and current address.


  • driver’s licence
  • provincial or territorial ID card

Show two pieces of ID

Show one piece with your name, and one piece with your name and address.


  • health card and phone bill
  • debit card and bank statement

Take an oath

Show two pieces with your name, and have someone who knows you attest to your address.

This person must:

In a recent court challenge, Justice David Stinson of the Ontario Superior Court found that there was a risk that some people would be unable to vote because of strict new voter identification requirements.
This is what the Harper Government is counting upon.

To counter Harper s strategy of encouraging voter split, Leadnow has developed a block voting strategy, which works like this; pick the best local candidate who can defeat the Conservatives in their riding, if the strategy is successful Harper should lose the election.

To ensure that your vote will count you need register on line, or verify your registration online at this link Elections Canada Online, then make sure you have all of the required identification so that you don’t get disqualified from voting.

I verified my status on line it took 2 minutes to complete their form. Once completed the following screen was produced saying that I was registered, but I still will have to have id come Election Day because the voter card is not see as Id.

The following is a screen dump from Elections Canada saying that I am registered.


This Election may be the most important election that has ever been held in the history of Canada, so make your vote count.


17 thoughts on “Be Sure You Can Vote! The Rules Of The Game Have Changed.

  1. This is a good doing anything you get credit for anything else you want you must show your ID you can’t get a drivers license showing you are and Canadian can’t get medical card without ID you can’t get PO Box without ID you can’t get a bank account without ID Why should you be able to vote without an ID

    • Many Canadians have none of those things, and you want them to not be allowed to vote either – potentially for candidates promising changes that could help them. You are happy to disenfranchise thousands to prevent the five known cases of electoral fraud and you don’t even see the irony.

      Stay classy, right wing.

      • Those have and has can sneak by you … It’s always good to have another set of eyes looking over ones writing. Feed back like yours is always appreciated .. 🙂

      • Just wanted to note that your phrase “Stephen Harper and his government has launched” is correct. You would not use have in this case. You would not say Stephen Harper “have” launched and you would not say his government “have” launched. You need to have each part of the phrase stand on its own. Therefore “has” is the proper word here. I believe.

      • The “flowing” is a screen dump from Elections Canada saying that I am registered. You just might want to fix this one too.

  2. I thought you could register through your Income Tax Return. I always check the box to pass information to Elections Canada, Am I wrong?

    • I don’t know if they will continue the practice of registering via Income Tax Return. Now that that they have made changes to the fair elections act. The safest approach to see if you are registered to vote is to use the online registration verification tool.

      However, if you are verified, still bring two pieces of ID along with your voters registration card.

  3. While it certainly may be true that 60% voted against Harper, if one applies the same criteria:

    70% voted against the NDP.
    82% voted against the Liberals.
    96% voted against the Green.

  4. ID should have ALWAYS been necessary to vote. I don’t support everything Stephen Harper has done, but requiring valid ID to vote? That’s just common sense.

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