Hard working Canadians have to have a little more money to spend and invest says Justin Trudeau

By André Faust

Fredericton – Justin Trudeau was the guest speaker at the Back to School BBQ hosted by Matt DeCourcey, Fredericton Liberal riding candidate at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre.

In the course of his speech Trudeau spoke about strengthening and expanding the middle class, which during the last ten years has been dwindling under the Harper government.

Trudeau’s plan for economic growth seems to have its roots in Keynesian economics. Keynesian economics states that economic growth can only come about from the aggregate demand created by households and business. To stimulate aggregate demand can only be made possible by deficit spending, which is diametrically opposite to austerity, which the Harper government has been doing.

During a recession austerity measures is not the solution because household stops spending money, which has a negative domino effect throughout the economy. During a recession according to Keynesian philosophy, you want to increase spending.

According to Justin Trudeau.

In order to create economic growth, Hardworking Canadians have to have a little more money in their pockets to spend, to invest, to save, to grow the economy to create a better future for their kids.

And speaking of kids when it comes to people who are working hard to join the middle class. People who need a little extra help were going to focus on a number of different things. First of all more generous Canada child benefits for a family earning, a single mom earning 30,000 dollars or less, that 6,400 dollars for a kid under a year tax free, a cheque of over 500 dollars every single month. A plan that will lift 315 thousand kids out of poverty. That a real plan.

We announced today significant improvement to EI so that the seasonal workers for people who are challenge through a difficult period in their lives will have better access to the benefits that they paid into, at the same time we will be decreasing premiums for Canadians across the country.

These are the kind of solutions that a smart government that listens to experts, that listens to community leaders, and to provincial leaders, and mostly listens to Canadians, is actually willing to put forward because that is what we need most of all.


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