Anonymous Tip Tells Grime Poppers Blogger is Armed and Dangerous

New Techology Takes Charles Leblanc out

by André Faust (April 1, 2017)

Hot off the press, the Blogger has been disintegrated by a new phaser rifle that was purchased by the city of Phredericton. Mayor Spikey said the 1,000,000 was worth spending because it is the latest technology that is 10,000 years ahead of its time. Police Chief Sphich had made a request saying that it is a must tool to keep the citizens of Phredericton safe.

Last night they had their chance to test the new toy when an anonymous caller called Grime Poppers and told them that the Blogger was armed and dangerous. Using that tip Phredericton Police, in a military style of attack raided the blogger’s residence and vaporised him without question with their new phaser rifle.

It was later revealed that there was no truth to the allegation about the Blogger being armed and dangerous. When Chief Sphich was asked about it. She said that “it was just a clerical error from Grime Poppers, it’s unfortunate but accidents do happen. We have to move on and turn a new page.”


6 thoughts on “Anonymous Tip Tells Grime Poppers Blogger is Armed and Dangerous

  1. NO JOKE

    Saturday, 1 April 2017
    CBC news about his beloved Old Maison and Chucky Leblanc’s blog on April Fools Day 11 years very long years ago versus the news today

    ———- Original message ———-
    From: Green Party of Canada | Parti vert du Canada
    Date: Sat, 01 Apr 2017 17:07:46 +0000
    Subject: Re: CBC news about his beloved Old Maison and Chucky Leblanc’s blog on April Fools Day 11 years very long years ago versus the news today
    To: David Amos

    — Please reply above this line —

    ———- Original message ———-
    From: David Amos
    Date: Sat, 1 Apr 2017 13:06:59 -0400
    Subject: CBC news about his beloved Old Maison and Chucky Leblanc’s blog on April Fools Day 11 years very long years ago versus the news today
    To: oldmaison , andre , jbosnitch , sallybrooks25 , “David.Coon” , “blaine.higgs” , premier , “brian.gallant” , “greg.byrne” , “Jack.Keir” , “Jacques.Poitras” , “Robert. Jones” , “darrow.macintyre” , “steve.murphy” , nmoore , “macpherson.don” , news , “peacock.kurt” , “Ed.Doherty” , “serge.rousselle” , david , “david.eidt” , COCMoncton , markandcaroline , leader , “jp.soucy” , BrianThomasMacdonald , “john.gamblin” , “” , “Stephen.Horsman” , GillesLee , “Stephane.vaillancourt” , Stephen Downes
    Cc: David Amos , “tyler.campbell” , “” , “Gilles.Blinn” , “leanne.murray” , “Leanne.Fitch”

    David Raymond Amos‏ @DavidRayAmos 2 hours ago
    HEY @BlaineHiggs @DavidCCoon @BrianGallantNB @CBCPolitics @CTVAtlantic
    #nbpoli Thanks for a great @AprFoolsDay EH?

    8:37 AM – 1 Apr 2017

    David Raymond Amos‏ @DavidRayAmos 2 hours ago
    @BlaineHiggs @DavidCCoon @BrianGallantNB @CBCPolitics @CTVAtlantic
    #nbpoli @AprFoolsDay @rcmpgrcpolice My two bits
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    David Raymond Amos‏ @DavidRayAmos 1 hour ago
    Here Chucky Leblanc’s attempt at a joke today done at his old buddy
    Billy Boy Fraser’s expense N’esy Pas? #nbpoli
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    David Raymond Amos‏ @DavidRayAmos 1 hour ago

    Heres Chucky Leblanc’s blog from exactly 11 years ago. Notice Chucky
    admits to having my documents & a free computer? #nbpoli

    1:28 PM – 1 Apr 2017

    Rogue N.B. legislator becomes Speaker, giving Lord a budget buffer

    CBC News Posted: Mar 28, 2006 11:45 AM ET
    Michael (Tanker) Malley was the only member of the legislative
    assembly to let his name stand for the Speaker’s job. (file photo)

    An Independent politician has been named Speaker of the New Brunswick
    legislature, all but guaranteeing that Premier Bernard Lord’s shaky
    Conservative government will survive for a while longer.

    Michael (Tanker) Malley, who represents the provincial riding of
    Miramichi Bay-du-Vin, was the only member of the legislative assembly
    to let his name stand for the Speaker’s job when the spring sitting
    opened Tuesday.

    The Speaker’s job gives Malley an office staff, a cabinet minister’s
    salary and greater prestige than that of a lonely Independent.

    Malley’s new job means he will not vote except in the case of a tie,
    and tradition dictates that the Speaker does not defeat the government
    on a budget motion.

    Such a motion will be voted on late next week. The Lord government
    brought down a balanced budget just hours after Malley’s appointment

    RELATED STORY: Tory budget spends big, with tax cuts

    It racked up spending of $6.2 billion as it distributed corporate tax
    breaks and funding for energy bill relief, education and health care.

    Liberals cry foul over Malley’s new job

    Liberal House leader Kelly Lamrock bitterly accused Lord of buying
    Malley’s co-operation on the pending budget vote by not allowing any
    of his own caucus members to seek the Speaker’s position.
    Traditionally, the Speaker is chosen from the government ranks.

    “The premier told us that he was too ethical to offer any position to
    keep his government [alive],” Lamrock said.

    “Obviously I’m reminded of the old quote, ‘We know what he is, and now
    we’re just dickering over the price.’ ”

    Currently, the New Brunswick legislature has 27 Progressive
    Conservatives, 26 Liberals, one Independent (former Liberal Frank
    Branch) and the Speaker.

    Even if all the Liberals and Branch vote together, they don’t have the
    numbers to defeat Lord’s minority government.

    FROM FEB. 18, 2006: N.B. premier downplays loss of majority in legislature

    Malley was first elected in 1999 and sat as one of Lord’s Progressive
    Conservatives until mid-February.

    He left the Tory caucus after a mid-term cabinet shuffle, sparking a
    furious and public debate among prominent members of the party.

    Malley told reporters he quit because he disagreed with the direction
    of the government, but the premier told a different story.

    FROM FEB. 21, 2006: Malley denies allegations of blackmail

    Hours after Malley resigned from the party, Lord held a news
    conference claiming Malley had threatened to walk unless Lord met a
    series of conditions.

    One was a judicial appointment for prominent Tory lawyer Cleveland
    Allaby, a friend of Malley’s.

    Malley denied the premier’s version of events; neither man has backed
    down from his story.

    Former Tory speaker Bev Harrison, who was appointed to cabinet during
    the last shuffle, said Tuesday that Lord had nothing to do with Malley
    getting the Speaker’s job.

    Harrison said he’ll be glad to help Malley settle in: “He wants to
    know the protocol of the job, and how things work, and I’m prepared to
    help him in any way I can.”



    Saturday, April 01, 2006

    Picture 064, originally uploaded by Oldmaison.


    It has been bought to my attention that you have been bloggling too
    much and taking too many pictures without consent of individuals.

    You must leave the premises in one houe as of this time and date.
    7:15am April 2/06


    Millie and Jim

    Posted by Charles LeBlanc at 10:35 AM


    Anonymous said…

    You are being evicted for blogging?
    10:45 AM

    Anonymous said…

    Methinks it is because of our little spit and chew EH Frenchie?
    Did ya notice the CT Yankee put back my work and a great deal more?
    Give me a call at(506 434 1379) and try to call me a liar. I
    Double Dog Dare Yaa Too. Say Hey to your wannabe lawyer buddy Vaughn
    for me will ya.
    Veritas Vincit
    David Raymond Amos
    11:13 AM

    Anonymous said…

    April Fool’s
    11:13 AM

    Anonymous said…

    Way ahead of ya Frenchie I was already laughing at the joke
    Verita Vincit
    David Raymon Amos
    11:24 AM

    Anonymous said…

    You ain’t as quick on the draw all of a sudden. Did you fall
    asleep Frenchie or have a stroke?
    11:45 AM

    City Under Siege The Fight for Saint John said…

    who the heck is David Amos?
    12:47 PM

    Anonymous said…

    is this for real. he is a good person, he trys to help people out.
    i hope he is not evioted because he is a good person
    12:58 PM

    Anonymous said…

    The obvious answer is: You see my phone number why not call me and
    ask me direct? I ain’t shy.It is not my fault you never heard of me. I
    ran for a Seat in Parliament twice with no hope of getting elected if
    you are so concerned about LNG whay not ask me what i know of the
    crap. Furthermore I sent you some emails to prove my integrity. Didn’t
    so it I before I tried to post my comments in your blog? Why did you
    block them? My question Mikey MacDonald is who the hell are you?
    Veritas Vincit
    David Raymond Amos

    Watch Frenchie prove his malice shaortly by making this blog melt
    as he always does however As a double check I just emailed it to you
    and Chucky in order to prove that it once existed.
    1:24 PM

    City Under Siege The Fight for Saint John said…

    Mr Amos when I tore apart Mr Chases article I sent it to him with
    my full name .I don’t care that you know who I am.

    I may soon have a pipeline running through my back yard which is
    going to change the quality of life of my family.I am a citizen who
    got fed up with one sided journalism.There is no smoke and mirrors
    with me.I am calling them as I see them.If you don’t like the blog .I
    guess all I can say is don’t blog or blog away .Thats what it is there
    for.I don’t expect everyone to agree with me.Thats democracy.
    If you are trying to intimidate me with your rants.think again.
    2:35 PM

    Anonymous said…

    No you think again Mikey Baby. USE your telephone as I challenged
    you to do. The simple truth should not intimadate an honest man. It
    was you who struck my words. If you had bothered to read my so called
    rants before you ignored them and then asked the world you the Hell I
    am, you would have noticed I agree with you and in fact know about
    this crap than you can dream of.

    2:48 PM
    Anonymous said…

    Now stayed tuned to this particular blog and watch Frenchie make
    it melt. He is the liar not me. He labelled me as a Hells Angel when I
    ran against the aptly named lawyer Rob Moore in Fundy in 2004. There
    is no denying that I am a vindictive son of a bitch with a long memory
    but even you must admit that i am fair. Although both Chucky and
    Indymedia erased their blogs when I protested their obvious malice,
    like you they erased everything I attemped to post. Ask yourself why
    Mikey Baby and the cry me a river again about what Irving is having
    crammed through your backyard. Guess who saves every word I write or
    what is said of me to use in litigation? In answer to your question in
    your own blog. Yes the people in Saint John should sue somebody in
    order to put a stop to the evil Empires control. Good luck finding a
    lawyer that ain’t afraid of Irvings. You took a picture down as soon
    as you got a phone call. In my book that makes you a chickenshit. You
    talk the talk but do not walk the walk. You should have let them sue
    you in order to meet them in court and make you issues well known and
    recorded in the public record. I have been begging someone to sue me
    for years if they think they can prove what I say is untrue because
    whenever I sue them the corrupt courts meerely see it dismissed and
    stricken from the record. Look up Byron Prior sometime in Google and
    then tell me again that you
    Obviously you used my phone number now I know yours. Clearly you
    just pissed me off Lets see you apology ya bastard.
    3:09 PM

    Charles LeBlanc said…

    ok…I just came back from moving someone. I see that David is
    debating his issues again.

    Listen David? I’ll let a debate your issues in this blog here.

    I must delete the blog that has emails.

    As long you don’t swear and smear anyone? You should be ok!!

    Everyone has their different style of sending out their message.

    I got mine and you got yours.

    By the way? Evicted??? It was a April Fool joke from Millie and
    Jim but I didn’t bite!…lol
    3:35 PM

    Anonymous said…

    This is weird! What in the hell is going on here?
    3:38 PM

    Charles LeBlanc said…

    Hey David??? Why don’t you start your own blog?

    You got that email list and you could invite people to your site
    like I do!!!!
    3:56 PM

    Anonymous said…

    THere’s no site like Charles!!! Entertaining as all hell! I have
    no idea what all these people are talking about, but it’s more
    entertaining than anything on television! God bless the loonies!
    4:01 PM

  2. More?

    Anonymous said…

    February 24th, 2006

    Rick Hancox Executive Director
    c/o Suzanne Ball Senior
    Legal Counsel
    and Manon Losier General Counsel
    and Secretary to the New Brunswick
    Securities Commission
    85 Charlotte Street, Suite 300
    Saint John, NB E2L 2J2
    RE: Securities Fraud and Public Corruption
    Pursuant to our conversation today please find enclosed exactly
    the same material sent to the eight other provincial Attorney Generals
    in Canada before I returned to my native land again this year.
    Obviously the AGs Brad Green and Tom Marshall have known the truth of
    my matters since the summer of 2004. They have maliciously ignored my
    false imprisonment in the USA for their own political benefit. The
    tapes enclosed are exactly the same copies that were served upon the
    lawyers acting for Rogers Media byway of their newsman Tom Young
    today. As you listen to the tape you will hear that I mentioned your
    Commission on air in Saint John weeks ago. Methinks you should have
    called me then instead of waiting for me to contact you again today.
    The tapes and the CD of wiretap tape #139 are served upon the
    Commission’s lawyers Ms. Ball and Ms. Losier as in confidence as
    officers of the court in order that my allegations of illegal wiretaps
    by crooked law enforcement authorities may be finally properly
    investigated ASAP by ethical law enforcement authorities. Hopefully
    this will be done before I sue the Crown about my false imprisonment
    but I am not holding my breath. April 3rd is coming fast. Upon your
    study of these documents you will see that I have not yet given the
    Yankee SEC all of my evidence of Securities Fraud. However every
    Attorney General in Canada has been made well aware of it for quite
    sometime before the SEC declared it was willing to investigate the
    actions of the former Minister of Finance Ralph Goodale. To date not
    one person has responded me nor did me the simple courtesy of
    returning my calls or emails as you finally did today.
    Clearly I must complain of the Crown myself without delay before
    further harm is done to my Clan. Rest assured I will be calling you,
    Mr. Hancox and the lawyers within your Commission to testify at a
    trial of my matters in Federal Court in Fredericton. A very pigheaded
    yet ethical Maritimer knows that justice has been delayed way past too
    long for the benefit of public corruption and not the public trust. I
    will not wait for anyone on public service to act within the scope of
    their employment anymore. To put it simply, after our conversation
    today I had no faith that you were willing to do your job.
    Veritas Vincit
    David Raymond Amos
    P.O. Box 234
    Apohaqui, NB E5P 3G2
    4:05 PM

    Anonymous said…

    Nope the first question should be Chucky where is the computer I
    gave you in 2004 Yopu know the one the Anglo due from Minto took home
    for you. You claimed it was no good yea well I would like to have it
    4:09 PM

    Anonymous said…

    The next question is does your buddy Vaughn Burnett still have the
    material that you promised you would serve upon Brad Green in June of
    2004 for me? Has he listened to the CD which is a copy of police
    surveilance tape # 139? I will call hinm and you as witnesses to
    testify in Federal Court in Fredericton. The wannabe lawyer and you
    buddy Bernard Richard both admitted to me that they had the evidence
    before I was falsely imprisoned in the Yankee jail in 2004. So much
    for etyhical EH?
    4:14 PM

    Charles LeBlanc said…

    What do you do with a computer that don’t work?

    You know the answer!

    Papers? to deliver to the Justice Minister? Sorry…I’m not a Sheriff!!!!

    Remember be nice in this blog….
    4:16 PM

    Anonymous said…

    What’s everybody talking or fighting about ?

    Always read your site Charles.

    The person is right. More entertaining the TV, and I mean that as
    Big Compliment :>)
    4:22 PM

    Anonymous said…

    As far as blogging goes I do have one but do not post much.
    Because unlike you I feel that less is moreI do not need a blog I
    employ other people’s blogs and only deal with the issues they raise
    first then take them down the path of the garden of good and evil just
    like I did with you years ago when they call me a liar. Check with
    your associate Mikey. He did not allow even my first comment. Just
    like your buddies in Indymedia. However they certainly allowed you to
    slam me. Didn’t they Chucky?
    Just in case anyone cares about the spelling I am typing quickly
    because Methinks Chucky will soon erase this stuff just like he always
    does. However here is my phone number again call me and I will show
    anyone the proof of what I is true and I will even allow them to
    listen to a wiretap tape or two.
    4:22 PM

    Anonymous said…

    Your said the computer didn’t work but I know that it did and I
    brought it all the way from Boston because you were crying poor mouth
    on the phone. Furthermore I have to witnesses that heard you say you
    would love to take on Brad Green. the Anglo dude from Minto is one.
    you the one you call a bigot. I was looking for you in the legislature
    library to witness me serving the liberal lawyers Burke and Lamrock
    next door at 710 Queen St when your buddy Dannyboy Bussieres and the
    Fredericton cops threw me out on June 24th 2004. I was not talking
    from the gallery as you falsely claim. I have a witness to that fact
    to . In fact he is a Deputy Minister you was on the floor at the time.
    the Commisssioners you have befriended made false allegations about
    4:29 PM

    Anonymous said…

    Charles? Friends with the commissioners?? That’s funny! Sounds
    like you two guys should be getting along great-two peas in a pod of
    crazy. Nobody even knows what you guys are talking about.
    4:41 PM

    Anonymous said…

    C’mon keep it going
    4:44 PM

    Anonymous said…

    Anonymous said…

    Mr. David Raymond Amos,

    We respectfully invite you to consider a Letter to the Editor,
    i.e.., How Free Trade undermines Maritime Economic Development. We had
    heard you make some representation about a U.S. company which truck
    out Maritime ‘wealth’, as a result of not having similar .provincial
    resources rights as Alberta, Many Maritimes would be potentially
    interested in such an editorial.


    Office of John Stokes

    The Canadian National Newspaper
    internet site:
    4:48 PM

    Anonymous said…

    Hey Mr. Stokes
    Thanks for the suggestion. As you should know the most glaring
    example of a company that has been raping the Maritimes with abandon
    for many years is obviously the Irving Empire. However lately there
    are some very nasty new players on the scene such a PCS and Corridor
    Resourses etc etc. I am very busy these days and I am not a
    journalist. You people are though yet it seems you would rather me say
    the awlful truth than yourselves because of some possible lawsuit EH?
    So be it. I will because it is not slander if one’s words are
    true. Perhaps you should consider checking my work and then come to
    court sometime in order to listen to me argue all the smiling
    bastards. You can have much of my work in a click of the button of my
    mouse. But first please allow me to introduce you to the New Brunswick
    Securities Commission. I got a rather interesting response from them
    today whilst I was in Fredericton. They have ignored my concerns for
    almost a year but now that Bernie Lord’s government is getting tipsy,
    it appears all the bad actors want to show me their arse just in time
    for me to boot it.
    It is Securities Commissions such as this that allow many publicly
    held companies such as Corridor Resources or Magna Entertainment etc
    to get away with many things rather than remind them of the law and on
    how they should conduct business in an ethical fashion. That said,
    these Commisssions have no say whatsoever over the Irving Empire and
    that is truly bad. It is a privately held corporation that knows very
    well the power of money and on how to pay off greedy politicians in
    order to get anything they want. In the nutshell of the Maritimes that
    is quite simply everything. It seems that I am the only Maritimer who
    is not afraid of the ghost of mean old KC Irving and his monoply game.
    It has always been hard times in the Maritimes. We lament about it all
    the time but our apathy and fear of the Irvings etc gives us the
    govenments we deserve.
    Print this if you wish. You are off the hook that Irving’s lawyers
    threaten ordinary folks with. I am fearless yet never reckless with
    the truth. I stand by my own words and invite anyone to sue me if they
    think I am a liar and wish to argue me. I hate it when the
    chickenshits send crooked cops against me bearing false allegations in
    a faint hearted effort to shut me up. It does the smiling bastards no
    good and only serves to make matters worse.
    Veritas Vincit
    David Raymond Amos
    4:52 PM

    Anonymous said…

    March 24, 2006

    Michael “Tanker” Malley
    C/o Cleveland Allaby
    480 Queen Street
    Suite # 200
    Fredericton NB. E3B 1B6

    Simpson Thacher & Barlett LLP
    C/o Derek Burney
    Chair of the Board of Directors of NB Power
    515 King Street Fredricton, NB E3B 4X1

    Jody Carr
    C/o Paul Blackmore
    Chestnut Complex
    470 York Street
    Fredericton, NBE3B 3P7

    Patrick A.A. Ryan
    Edgecombe House
    736 King Street
    Fredericton, NB E3B 1G2
    Re: Public Corruption

    Pursuant to my many phone calls and email to your offices please
    find enclosed the material I promised to you before I file my
    complaints in Federal Court in Fredericton. The CD which is a true
    copy of wiretap tape number 139 is served upon you all in confidence
    as officers of the court in order that it may be investigated byway of
    my suing the Crown.
    While Norm Betts and Derek Burney’s buddy Stevey Boy Harper is
    busy in New Brunswick today trying hard to shore up the shaky
    government of Jody Carr’s buddy, Bernie Lord with long delayed federal
    tax dollars. I am polishing off my promises to crooked lawyers in the
    hope that the very corrupt House crumbles ASAP. If not maybe President
    Chavez will help me bankrupt the crooks working within NB Power within
    a crooked government’s blessing. Methinks Tanker will need another
    lawyer if the one he has now continues to play dumb. Lord paid Allaby
    a lot of money to study the doings of the Justice Dept a long time
    ago. He should understand the scene.
    Shame on you all for forcing me to go to such lengths to protect
    my rights under the Charter. Methinks you have underestimated my
    diligence EH? Now ask yourselves why I don’t sue you after I sue the
    Crown? I fail to see any reason not to. That is the only way I know of
    to hold such people as you accountable. Stevey Boy Harper never will
    even though he talks the talk of such things. Everybody knows what I
    served upon his party’s lawyer Arthur Hamilton before I was falsely
    imprisoned in the USA in 2004.
    Despite whatever Act our latest Prime Minister wishes to introduce
    to the Canadian people that he claims will compel our government to
    act with integrity, he can never deny my right to drag anyone into
    court. In fact he has done so himself in the past and I am no less of
    a man than he. Even a simple pigheaded Maritimer has the right to
    argue the law even with people who think themselves above it. How you
    all have failed to uphold the law and the public trust placed in your
    public office is either a matter of public record or soon shall be or
    my name ain’t Dave. There is no Democracy without Truth and Justice.
    It is just that simple.
    Thats all for now fellas. I look forward to seeing you all in
    court someday or I will die trying to make it happen in an ethical
    fashion. It is just another one of those things I do that lawyers fail
    to appreciate. Ask your friends why that is if you don’t already know.
    Veritas Vincit
    David Raymond Amos
    P.O. Box 234
    Apohaqui, NB. E5P 3G2
    5:15 PM

    Anonymous said…

    Everybody received hard copy in hand to their offices except of
    course what the UPS dudes are bringing to Paul Shuttle and Andre
    Arthur. Obviously Yankees ain’t as quick as me even when I give them
    two days head start. I have signatures and pictures to prove that all
    the New Brunswickers named below got their material today as I
    promised last week except for the sneaky Conflict of Interest
    Commmissioner Mr. Patrick who hides behind locked doors. He just sent
    the Sergeant at Arms who tried to run me off again.
    However the Frenchman Danny Boy Bussieres had to accept my
    material on behalf of the Commissioner and our Queen whom he
    represents no matter how much he wishes to ban me from the
    Legislature. He didn’t sign anything but what transpired between us
    was witnessed by a man who was not involved. I gave the crooked
    Quebecer hard copy in hand. Somebody speaking for the Queen should
    answer me ASAP. EH? If Danny Boy wishes to attempt to ban me from the
    Legislature again he really should put it in writng. EH? Perhaps he
    should clearly state the reasons behind his malice and who is accusing
    me of what. Otherwise I will ignore him until we meet in court. Then I
    will have many questions for him on the public record. I repeat, I
    have never threatened or harassed anyone. The next time he and I meet
    I hope to have many witnesses watching our exchange of words instead
    of just one man.The Sergeant at Arms Danny Boy Brouseirres lake most
    lawyers and politicians is a liar.
    I will leave you all to wonder who receives this email next but
    lets just say I was very correct about my assessment of the Public
    Utilities Board and the New Brunswick Securoties Commission. corrupt
    Maritimers act just like crookedYankees. After all most of them are
    lawyers and their brotherhood practices their malice across borders
    all day long every day. The thing is can they trust each other when
    the politiking gets down and dirty. Methinks there is no honour
    amongst theives no matter how powerful they are. What say you? I know
    your answer already and that only time will tell the tale to prove
    what I say is true. Until then I will simply remain a man of my word
    and hope for justice to prevail. It is your job to uphold the Public
    Trust not mine.
    Veritas Vincit
    David Raymond Amos
    5:28 PM

    Anonymous said…

    March 24, 2006

    Bernard Shapiro
    Ethics Commissioner
    C/o Andre Arthur MP
    325 de l’Eglise
    Donnacona, Québec G3M 2A2

    Jean T. Fournier
    Senate Ethics Officer
    C/o Senator Noel Kinsella and Michael Comeau
    Holy Cross House Rm. 206
    St. Thomas University
    Fredericton NB

    Kevin Lynch Clerkc/o Paul Shuttle
    Director of Legal Operations
    Privy Council Office
    59 Sparks Street
    Ottawa, ON K1A 0A3

    David Gourdeau
    Commissioner for FederalJudicial Affairs
    c/o Willa Doyle
    District Administrator
    Suite 100
    82 Westmorland Street
    Fredericton, NB E3B 3L3

    Re: Public Corruption

    Pursuant to my many phone calls and email to your offices please
    find enclosed the material I promised to you before I file my
    complaints in Federal Court in Fredericton. The CD which is a true
    copy of wiretap tape number 139 is served upon you all in confidence
    as officers of the court and or Parliamentarians in order that it may
    be investigated byway of my suing the Crown.
    While Stevey Boy Harper is busy in New Brunswick today trying hard
    to shore up the shaky government of his little buddy, Bernie Lord with
    long delayed federal tax dollars. I am polishing off all my promises
    to crooked lawyers in the hope that the very corrupt House crumbles
    Shame on you all for forcing me to go to such lengths to protect
    my rights under the Charter. Methinks you have underestimated my
    diligence EH? Now ask yourselves why I don’t sue you after I sue the
    Crown? I fail to see any reason not to. That is the only way I know of
    to hold such people as you accountable. Stevey Boy Harper never will
    even though he talks the talk of such things. Everybody knows what I
    served upon his party’s lawyer Arthur Hamilton before I was falsely
    imprisoned in the USA in 2004.
    Despite whatever Act our latest Prime Minister wishes to introduce
    to the Canadian people that he claims will compel our government to
    act with integrity, he can never deny my right to drag anyone into
    court. In fact he has done so himself in the past and I am no less of
    a man than he. Even a simple pigheaded Maritimer has the right to
    argue the law even with people who think themselves above it. How you
    all have failed to uphold the law and the public trust placed in your
    public office is either a matter of public record or soon shall be or
    my name ain’t Dave. There is no Democracy without Truth and Justice.
    It is just that simple.
    Thats all for now fellas. I look forward to seeing you all in
    court someday or I will die trying to make it happen in an ethical
    fashion. It is just another one of those things I do that lawyers fail
    to appreciate. Ask your friends why that is if you don’t already know.

    Veritas Vincit
    David Raymond Amos
    PO Box 234
    Apohaqui, NB. E5P 3G2

    UPS Ship Notification, Tracking Number 1Z24RW270464505354
    Shipment Detail
    Ship To:
    Number of Packages:1
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    Reference Number 1:813556NY
    Reference Number 2:25/03 1339
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    Shipped or Billed on: 27/03/2006 Tracking Number: 1Z 24R W27 04 6450 535 4
    Service Type: EXPRESS SAVER
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    electronically. Billing information received does not indicate
    shipment pickup or drop-off. Please contact the shipper for more

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    325 DE L’EGLISE
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    Reference Number 1:813557NY
    Reference Number 2: 24/03 4399
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    Shipped or Billed on: 27/03/2006
    Tracking Number: 1Z 24R W27 04 6450 536 3
    Service Type: EXPRESS SAVER
    Weight: 5.00 Lbs
    Note: UPS has received shipper’s billing information
    electronically. Billing information received does not indicate
    shipment pickup or drop-off. Please contact the shipper for more

    Tracking results provided by UPS: 27/03/2006 16:18 Eastern Time
    5:32 PM

    Anonymous said…

    David Amos is mentally ill folks. just ignore him and maybe he
    will go away. he is a criminal and a liar. he rants and raves like a
    lunatic. he makes charlie seem like a choir boy. he is one sick s.o.b.
    6:20 PM

  3. Even more?

    Anonymous said…

    Well I must say I am not surprised. I am in fact delighted to
    introduce some folks in the Martimes to the man most responsible for
    my false imprisonment in the USA. I have been fishing for him to make
    his usual appearance within a Blog. If one speaks of the devil long
    enough he is sure to appear. EH Chucky? This crook’s name is Deputy
    Dog Robert F. O’Meara of the Norfolk County sheriffs Dept. A bigger
    snake in Massachusetts there never was. Right now it is suppertime and
    I ain’t goona let it grow cool worrying about what he may say of me
    but rest assured I will relish and save every word of it. Stay tuned
    and I will post many of his words that have been deleted from many
    other blogs in order to protect him and the crooks who have covered up
    his many crimes.
    At least I have a name EH Deputy Dog? Even on the internet you use
    girlfriend’s Wicked Wanda Willard’s ID
    7:07 PM

    Charles LeBlanc said…

    Hey? As long he leaves his view in this little blog and not
    others? I don’t have a problem with the guy.

    He’s pretty mellow with his words compare to past emails.

    Hey? We might have a second Spinks here???…lol
    7:11 PM

    Anonymous said…

    David is a less of lunatic compared to Chucky.
    7:15 PM

    Charles LeBlanc said…

    8:48 PM

    Anonymous said…

    Now that I finally see one vote of confidence.It is time to stress
    Chucky’s words to the max. Lets see if this post stands the test of
    time. I am posting something that only a few politicians have seen.
    Whereas Chucky’s buddy Danny Boy Brussieres had banned me from the
    Legislature and Chucky did not have the balls to deliver the material
    to Brad Green I and my son, Max delivered in hand the matereial to
    both of the following dudes offices in Moncton right after Canada Day
    and Paul Martin’s boat had been caught in Sidney with more coke than
    coal on board. We then went home to where I was raised in Dorchester
    Nb and I laughed at the thought of Charles LeBlanc as I drove through
    his hometown. If he had had the sand to deliver this letter and the
    material I had given him to Brad when he promised to so. He would be
    my hero, Bernie Lord’s government would have fallen, my adversary
    Deputy Dog Robert F. O’Meara would have gone to jail instead of me and
    most importantly my little Clan would be still in their home today. If
    Brad Green Bernie Lord and Franky Boy McKenna had acted with integrity
    I would not have to sue the Crown in order to have a fraudulent
    warrant for my arrest revoked in the USA. Anyone should feel free to
    print or email the text of this letter with abandon simply because
    Brad Green answered it. I can email anyone a copy of his response in a
    tif file. In fact I will email one to Frenchie and Deputy Dog Robert
    F. O’Meara, Brad Green and his buddies first first. You will know that
    Chucky got it first and can never play dumb no more. I will forward it
    on to anyone who asks and they can decide you is crazy and who is not
    and who is a liar and who is not. My email address is motomaniac_02186
    at and my phone number is 506 434 1379 I do not call people
    collect as Chucky does.

    July 1st, 2004

    Brad Green
    c/oBernard Lord
    132 Mill Road
    Moncton, NB. E1A 4A5

    Frank McKenna
    c/o McInnis Cooper
    655 Main St.
    Moncton NB E1C 8T6
    RE: Corruption
    Hey Fellas,
    Please find enclosed exactly the same material served upon Paul
    Zed before he met Paul Martin at the airport last weekend. The copy of
    wiretap tape numbered 139 is served upon you in confidence as officers
    of the court in order that it may be properly investigated. As you
    review the material it should be painfully obvious to you why I have
    no respect for your chosen profession of lawyer/politician. I must say
    that both Mr. Lord and Mr. McKenna were clever to keep some distance
    from the recent federal election but I don’t think it was very wise
    for Mr. Lord to have me expelled from the Legislature Building for
    political reasons rather than legal reasons.
    I have done as the Sargent at Arms ordered on June 24th and stayed
    away from the Legislature and waited for it to take its summer break
    so that no more bullshit about me can be said. I have now delivered
    this material to your constituency office Mr. Lord so that you may
    deal with this at a personal level with Mr. Green. I will complain of
    you Mr. Lord and your friends Mr. Green, Mr. Armstrong and Mr. Burke
    to court along with the Fredericton Police Dept. and the Sargent at
    Arms if I do not receive a satisfactory response very quickly and
    convince me of your ethics and stand with me. I have not heard from
    the Fredericton Police Dept. thus I suspect that Corporal Ross has
    done as he threatened and thrown this material in the trash for the
    benefit of his fellow police officer, Mr. LeBlanc.
    Mr. Green may I suggest that you study every word and listen to
    the CD closely and prepare to argue every word if you disagree with
    the fact that a fellow Canadian has the right to seek justice and
    relief for the many wrongs practiced against him. What would you do if
    the Men in Black had appeared at your door and were willing to take
    you away to Cuba without counsel because of false allegations were
    made against you in order to stop you from defending your family’s
    interests? As you can see I have come home to protest these actions in
    a political and legal fashion. I have done only as the Solicitor
    General Anne McLellan has suggested and given the evidence to those
    who claim to have jurisdiction over me. You speak for the Sargent at
    Arms and the Fredericton Police. They dropped the ball the instant
    they pulled me outside the building for no reason. They claimed
    jurisdiction but refused to investigate. I have seen it reported that
    I had tried to speak from the gallery and the Sargent at Arms falsely
    claimed that I had attempted to serve someone within the legislature
    building. Both statements are untrue. I left materials at the door in
    the custody of the security guard as he requested. I was only looking
    to find Charles Leblanc in order that he may witness me delivering the
    enclosed materials to T.J. Burke’s office. This was necessary for me
    to do because as you know most lawyers are reckless with the truth. I
    will let your fellow politician/lawyer. Peter McKay, explain to you
    the reason why that is. However it was no longer necessary to require
    a witness because the Sargent at Arms and the Fredericton Police had
    watched me go into 710 Queen St and come out without the material they
    had just refused after harassing me. They are my witnesses as you are
    As for you, Mr. McKenna, I expect you and your fellow lawyers at
    McInnes Cooper to uphold the law and conduct yourselves in a
    professional manner according to the rules that allow you to practice
    law for a fee. Don’t you think you should act ethically rather quickly
    and report your newfound knowledge of crime? At the very least I have
    made you witnesses to my complaints and rest assured I will be asking
    you many questions in court if the RCMP doesn’t ask you first. Mr.
    McKenna, I read your recent speech about how you likened the actions
    of federal political leaders to various purebred dogs. I must add my
    two bits worth to your comments. Those fancy dogs don’t hunt like the
    mangy old mutt that is the guard dog of my little Clan. I don’t bark
    but I am quick to bite. If you turn around you will see me sniffing at
    your heels. If any lawyer makes one false move, I make every effort to
    rip his nuts off. Check my work before you call me a liar.
    I have followed the money home to the Maritimes. I find that you
    and many other liberals have been in pursuit of filthy lucre every bit
    as much as Mr. Mulroney, Mr. Crosbie and their many cohorts. The
    Maritime Provinces have suffered the most from the many years of
    political abuse by greedy lawyers and their bosses. Mr. Harper called
    Maritimers defeatists but he failed to say who was beating us up.
    Obviously it was federal politicians on both sides of the fence. The
    last thing Mr. Martin is to me is noble. In my opinion he is a fine
    example of a very crooked lawyer aspiring to be an adept politician
    like his daddy. I view your speech about dogs simply as a little dog
    licking a big dog’s nuts in a stylish way in order to win the Alfa
    male’s favor and someday win his position amongst a pack of political
    thieves. Feel free to argue me after you explain to me real slow how
    Cardinal Law was legally removed from my complaint and what right the
    Men in Black had to try to take me away because I am exposing the
    awful truth about bad acting bankers and Feds. Please don’t pretend
    that you guys don’t know a few very well heeled Yankees that have
    helped you along in your own personal pursuit of happiness. Mr. Tobin
    got a great job working for an interesting Conservative. Eh? Should
    Belinda listen to Mr. Mulroney and Mr. Harper or to her new CEO? What
    do you think? How much time do you think I may have left on the planet
    for asking such questions as this? What do you think may cause my
    demise? In the end I will rest assured that someday my ghost will be
    very vindictive against lawyers that failed to uphold the law. At this
    point in time it would be very easy for some lawyer to act ethically
    and become the people’s political hero. What say you? Can you trust
    your legal and political friends to not turncoat and stand with me?
    Interesting dilemma, eh?

    Cya’ll in Court:)
    David R. Amos
    153 Alvin Ave.
    Milton. MA. 02186

    Certificate of Service

    I, David R. Amos on July 2, 2004, I served the enclosed materials
    in hand to the offices of Frank McKenna at McInnis Cooper 655 Main St.
    Moncton NB E1C 8T6 and Bernard Lord at 132 Mill Road. Moncton, NB.E1A

    David R. Amos
    153 Alvin Ave.
    Milton, MA. 02186
    8:54 PM

    Anonymous said…

    “WOW” What a guy.Where did all that come from. Sounds like this
    guy has a problem.NO maybe a lot of problems.Too bad.
    9:32 PM

    Anonymous said…

    He just goes on and on doesn’t he?
    9:34 PM

    Anonymous said…

    yeah it’s not pretty. it’s like a car wreck that just keeps
    happening. kinda scary knowing he is in our back yard again. Mr.Amos
    you need professional help man. i can give you some numbers. you don’t
    have to live with your paranoia. there is help if you seek it.
    9:48 PM

    Anonymous said…

    Before I can even begin to believe that you are for real Why not
    crawl out of cyber space and into the real world. It stars by proving
    to all that you have a name. Cheap shots under Anoymous in Chucky’s
    ain’t worth squat to me unless you are man enough to look me in the
    eye and stand by your words. I do What say you got a name and a set of
    balls or just a mouth like Chucky?
    10:01 PM

    Anonymous said…

    Only the crooks are scared that I am back in the Maritimers. A lot
    of ordinary folks like me are laughing at how I am poking holes in
    their stuffed shirts. This letter is wickedly funny, Both Adrienne
    Clarkson and Herménégilde Chiasson answered this one after my wife and
    I and a lawyer who wanted Rob Moore’s seat in parliament visited the
    Police Commission in New Brunswick. Bev Harrison would not answer this
    letter or even return my calles even though he has represented me from
    my spot on the hill since I landed home last year. His assistants have
    affirmed to me several times that they received it. I am demanding an
    answer from Tanker now tha old Bev’s assistant Bill Oliver refused to
    call me back for the last time on Friday. I do not care what the tough
    talking Danny Boy Bussieres says only the Speaker can authorize the
    Sergeant at Arms to ban a man from the legislature. Besides that the
    Governor General his ultimate boss told me I was doing the right thing
    before I returned to the USA and into Deputy Dog’s buddy’s jail. I
    wiil put this letter and the responses in the same email to Chucky and
    Deputy Dog

    August 24th, 2004

    Lieutenant-Governor of
    New Brunswick,
    Herménégilde Chiasson
    Old GovernmentHouse
    51 Woodstock Road
    Fredericton, NB E3B 9L8
    Phone (506) 453-2505
    Fax (506) 444-5280

    Speaker of the Legislative Assembly,
    Bev Harrison
    Constituency Office: Hampton-Belleisle
    Room: Unit 4, 46 Keirstead Avenue
    Hampton, NB E5N 5A4
    Phone (506) 832-6464
    Fax (506) 832-6466
    RE: Corruption
    Please find enclosed exactly the same material served upon Premier
    Lord and Frank McKenna on the day after Canada Day and a copy of Brad
    Green’s response. I have also enclosed a letter to Senator Joe Day
    that was to be forwarded to the Arar Commission. The copy of wiretap
    tape numbered 139 is served upon you in confidence as the Queen’s
    representatives of in order that it may be properly investigated. I
    ask New Brunswick’s Lieutenant-Governor of, Herménégilde Chiasson to
    forward this material to the Governor General of Canada. I have
    already emailed her notice to expect this material and I will email
    her the text of this letter as well.
    Whereas the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick stands adjourned
    until Tuesday, December 14, 2004, at 1 o’clock p.m, perhaps you fellas
    can find a little time to answer me before I sue the Queen in the USA.
    My questions are as follows: Why did Sergeant-at-Arms, Dan Bussieres
    and the Fredericton Police Dept. ask me to step outside the
    Legislature Building and then forever ban me from re-entering the
    premises on June 24th, 2004? What will you do with your newfound
    knowledge of crime?
    It is only fair that I ask these questions. After all I am a
    Canadian Citizen and I do have the right to ask any question to those
    who represent me. Whether they are born to the position or elected or
    appointed or merely hired, they all must uphold the law and the public
    trust. The Queen of Canada, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, is the
    official Head of State and is represented in New Brunswick by the
    Lieutenant-Governor. Therefore, the Lieutenant-Governor is the nominal
    Head of State at the provincial level, empowered with the
    responsibility of representing the Queen in the province. Thus I have
    asked him the aforesaid questions before I leave the jurisdiction of
    New Brunswick.
    The Ombudsman, Bernard Richard told me to take my matter up the
    Speaker of the House and thus far Mr. Harrison has ignored my phone
    calls and emails. Bev Harrison did have the opportunity to ask me any
    question he wished before he decided not to vote for me. It seems he
    would rather have the lawyer, Rob Moore speak for him in Parliament. I
    would not be surprised to learn that Bev Harrison was the same man I
    had spoken to months ago or that he had attended the debate in
    Hampton. I have no doubt that Mr Harrison knows exactly who I am and
    why I was in Fredericton that day. I am not a rebel just because I
    make inquiries and demand that people in public service uphold the
    The problem is that on June 24th I was a candidate for the 38th
    Parliament. I was busy challenging those still in public service such
    as John Herron to do their jobs and uphold the law. I was merely in
    the legislative building looking for the Frenchman Charles Leblanc so
    he could witness me serve this material upon the lawyer, T J Burke
    next door. I had made certain that many politicians were made well
    aware of my concerns and allegations before coming home to run for a
    seat in the next Parliament. The local liberal, Leroy Armstrong was
    willing to debate me so I was giving this material to his liberal
    lawyer friends to review. Dan Bussieres offended me for political
    reasons not legal reasons. The Speaker of the House should not have
    allowed the Sergeant’s actions or at least responded to my inquiry.
    These must be irrefutable facts because after almost two months of
    asking everyone imaginable about the actions of the Sergeant-at-Arms,
    no one would even tell me his name let alone explain his actions, It
    appears that the Government of Canada would rather assist corrupt
    politicians within a country that had rebelled against the Queen than
    assist one of her subjects to escape their harassment.
    I must return to the USA because I have been summoned to court to
    argue more false allegations made against me. Whereas my country is
    willing to throw me back into Ashcroft’s clutches, I must complain of
    the Crown. It seems the Yankees may have been right long ago when they
    refused to pay taxes without proper representation. Perhaps Canada
    should follow suit. We all know what has been said about the evils of
    longstanding governments. What say you sirs? Am I speaking sedition or
    common sense?
    I have heard that Louis Riel once said that the French would take
    over Canada without firing a shot. Now many of the French wish to
    separate. Maybe true Canadians can reunite our country in the same
    fashion. There is no need of the cartridge box as long as we properly
    employ the soap box and ballot box. The tools of bloodless revolutions
    are the laws of the land. They are in the hands of people begging us
    for our vote every so often. Canada does not need to pay homage to a
    Queen who will not check the work of the people representing her and
    us. We need a new form of government. I agree with Louis Riel’s
    thinking when he proclaimed that the Metis were “loyal subjects of Her
    Majesty the Queen of England’. If we are rebels, we are rebels against
    the Company that sold us” Although he was labelled a rebel, Louis Riel
    was a Canadian patriot who did stop Western Canada from being absorbed
    by the USA. He was also elected to Parliament twice. He would abhor
    NFTA as much as I. The words in Riel’s diary are well worth heeding.
    “O my God! Save me from the misfortune of getting involved with
    the United States. Let the United States protect us indirectly,
    spontaneously, through an act of Providence, but not through any
    commitment or agreement on our part.” Riel stated in his diary this as
    well: “God revealed to me that the government of the United States is
    going to become extraordinarily powerful.”

    Cya’ll in Court:)
    David R. Amos
    153 Alvin Ave.
    Milton. MA. 02186
    10:20 PM

    Anonymous said…

    This letter really put Lizzy Weir’s panties in a knot. Chucky’s
    buddy Bernie Richard answered me immediately but she never did. When I
    got out of jail and jumped bail in the USA one year later and started
    demanding answers from the NDP she was not long taking a job from
    Bernie Lord and leaving her party in the toilet. Bernie Richard di the
    same thing years ago to save Lord nasty little minority. The problem
    is the liberals are no better ask the not so good Dr. Doherty if he
    wishes to argue me in public about it. In order to argue him and the
    pretty woman Bernie Lord had his eyes on I tried to run in Bernie’s
    snap election in Saint John Harbour because in my opinion I caused
    Lizzy to quit and run off. I knew I would never be elected but the
    decent folks who always voted NDP deserved to know the score and my
    opinion of the LNG scene is worth listening to. However the not so non
    partison Anne Hollies and her yo yo underling Paddy Addison illegally
    refused me for the benefit of Bernie Lord.The Irvings and the Spanish
    dudes who have lost their popularity in other countries want to put
    such a dangerous thing right int the damned harbour and the crooked
    Mayor suppots it? What planet is he from I must ask. People with no
    names call me crazy. Well in retort I say if the politicians are sane
    then I am glad I am nuts.
    However before they put me away anyone can have this letter and
    Bernie Richard’s very dumb answer. I would not be surprised if this
    blog turns into a pumpkin by midnight EH Chucky? However if you leave
    it up I will post sometime a very wicked Cinderella Affadavit by Newfy
    Johnny Crosbie’s law firm of Patterson Palmer that will explain why
    the liberal President in NB Greg Byrne has now gone solo.

    August 24th, 2004

    NDP Leader Elizabeth Weir
    Constituency Office
    39 King Square North
    Saint John, NB E2L 1E6

    Bernard Richard
    Office of the Ombudsman
    767 Brunswick Street
    Fredericton, NB E3B 1H8

    Re: Corruption

    Sir and Madam,
    Please find enclosed exactly the same material served upon New
    Brunswick’s Lieutenant-Governor, Hermenegilde Chiasson and many others
    today. The copy of wiretap tape numbered 139 is served upon you in
    confidence as officers of the court in order that it may be properly
    There is no need to be long winded with you two people. I can
    prove contact with each of you and your associates many times. I know
    that you are expecting this material and why I am providing it to you
    for your review. Not only will I be mentioning your names today to the
    Police Commission but your names can be found in various places within
    my documents. I feel that you are entitled to review the material and
    I am entitled to expect you to act ethically and with integrity as
    would befit an officer of the court. What you will do with your
    newfound knowledge of crime? Please send your response to this letter
    to the address below. I can no longer linger in New Brunswick and wait
    for politicians to find the time to uphold the Public Trust.

    Cya’ll in Court:)
    David R, Amos
    153 Alvin Ave.
    Milton, MA. 02186


    I, David R. Amos, of 153 Alvin Ave. Milton, MA. on August 25th,
    2004, I delivered the enclosed material to the Office of the
    Ombudsman, Bernard Richard at 767 Brunswick Street, Fredericton, NB
    E3B 1H8. Whereas the Provincial office building at 710 Queen St. is no
    longer assessable to the public, I will provide these documents to
    Elizabeth Weir’s Constituency Office at 39 King Square North Saint
    John, NB E2L 1E6 as soon as possible.

    David R, Amos
    10:57 PM

    Charles LeBlanc said…

    Some people sent me private emails asking me- Who the hell is that nut???

    Well? As I said earlier in the day.

    No swearing or smears and everything should be ok.

    I can delete this particular blog in seconds but we’ll keep it here.

    So far so good….

    Try to be nice….
    11:18 PM

    Anonymous said…

    One no named dude lamented that I go on and on and I admit that
    that is true. On ther other hand earlier another fella ask for more
    and lamented that I was too slow posting. Rest assured I know most
    Maritimers do not give a damn about legal crap or politics. I fit in
    that boat as well it is just that the smiling bastards attacked me and
    my little clan and I must defend myself the best way I know how. I
    figure fire with fire so to speak so I went fiercely political and did
    not care about being elected. I just wanted to make my issues public
    for the benefit of my family first and foremost and the awful truth
    only hurts crooks. Most folks would find this crap boring yet lawyers
    and politicians like old women are gossips big time. They climb to the
    top pulling on the balls of others to get there. Trust that many would
    find this an interesting read. There is a lot to tell after being
    blocked in most places for years and I am trying hard to stay local to
    Fredericton only simply because that is the audience the Chucky draws.
    If the dude don’t like to read my stuff click to another of Chucky’s
    mindless blogs and look a pictures that take a long time to look at in
    dial up.
    For ethical lawyers (if there is such athing) benefit here is
    something that will help explain the news today in a very funny light.
    McAllister answered me but Miller did not. Miller’s (David Hache’s
    too)law firm is merging with the rest of Patterson Palmer’s outfit so
    it appears I have now crossed paths with the same bunch of bastards at
    least four times in various matters. Merging makes a firm more
    powerful but it also opens the door to the need to defend the bad
    actions of your many partners. Everybody knows you can’t trust lawyer
    the that Patterson and palmer in Halifax went with Franky Boy
    McKenna’s buddies i all to funny to me. The dudes in Turo are the only
    smart ones in the bunch. They said to hell with them all. Maybe I will
    give then a call. If you cannnot find an honest lawyer your might as
    well hire the wisest one EH? As i said Byron Priors complaint will
    prove to the Maritimes why. Look him up on the web or in front of
    Parliament next week.

    August 24th, 2004

    Gary A. Miller
    371 Queen St. Suite 400,
    Fredericton, NB E3B 4Y9

    George A. McAllister
    212 Queen St.
    Fredericton, NB E3B 1A8

    RE: Corruption
    Please find enclosed exactly the same material served upon New
    Brunswick’s Lieutenant-Governor Hermenegilde Chiasson and many others.
    The copy of wiretap tape numbered 139 is served upon you in confidence
    as officers of the court in order that it may be properly
    Months ago I contacted you, Mr. McAllister by phone and informed
    you that I wholeheartedly agreed with your standing that Insurance
    companies were making the consumers cover their losses in the stock
    market. Brad Green and Premier Lord played Ms. Weir and the Commission
    like a fiddle and were merely doing their part to assist the interests
    of the Insurance Companies at the expense of the public trust.
    Although you were happy to hear that your opinions had been read and
    understood, you definitely did not want my evidence supporting your
    claims. Pursuant to my last statement to you, Mr. McAllister I have
    now proved to you that I am a man of my word and I now expect you to
    obey the Code of Conduct that you must obey in order to practice law
    for a fee.
    Mr. Miller, the same holds true for you. Within these documents
    you will find the name of a lawyer you know very well, David Lutz. I
    find this man to be a very poor example of an officer of the court and
    I don’t mind telling the world my opinion of him. Please read my
    letter to him and let me know as to whether or not you stand with him
    and against me. If anyone were to ask me, Mr. Lutz is a man in need of
    legal aid and has no right to charge others for his malicious
    assistance. Will you spring to his defence when I file a complaint
    against him? Whether you fellas like it or not I have now made you
    witnesses to my sad complaints before I returned to the USA.
    If I survive the malicious prosecution that I am looking forward
    to in Boston next month, I will return to litigate in New Brunswick.
    There is no middle ground for any lawyer to stand on in this battle
    within two corrupt justice systems. All that I have demanded from any
    lawyer is simple ethical conduct. Why is that too much to ask for?
    I have read your various spit and chews with Brad Green and I must
    admit I find them to be quite comical from my position as a layman in
    the catbird seat. Rest assured that I will endeavour to make my
    opinions widely known. Sue me if you wish. In fact I double dog dare
    ya to. Bring this material to court so that the jury can have
    something to read while we argue truth, justice and the Maritimes
    kowtowing to the American Way.
    Cya’ll in Court:)
    David R, Amos
    153 Alvin Ave.
    Milton, MA. 02186
    11:26 PM

    Anonymous said…

    Even if you do delete it Chucky you know for a fact that I already
    saved it. With luck I will be showing you a printed copy of it in
    court someday. I will ask you many questions in public not private
    emails about what the hell you know about this crap. Why you lied
    about me called me names and didn’t give Brad Green my material as you
    promised spoke volumes to me about your integrity. Don’t even try to
    argue me about my manners. I know how to behave myself it is you who
    does not.
    11:32 PM

  4. People say I’m crazy however I ain’t a Bullshitter while Chucky Leblanc BRAGS that he is

    Anonymous said…

    2005 01 T 0010











    SUMMARY OF CURRENT DOCUMENTCourt File Number(s):2005 01 T 0010Date
    of Filing of Document:25 January 2005Name of Filing Party or
    Person:Stephen J. MayApplication to which Document being filed
    relates:Amended Application of the Plaintiff/Defendant by Counterclaim
    to maintain an Order restricting publication, to strike portions of
    the Statement of Defence, strike the Counterclaim in it’s entirety,
    and to refer this proceeding to case management.Statement of purpose
    in filing:To maintain an Order restricting publication, to strike
    portions of the Statement of Defence, strike the Counterclaim in its
    entirety and refer this proceeding to case management.

    A F F I D A V I T

    I, Stephen J. May, of the City of St. John’s, in the Province of
    Newfoundland and Labrador, Barrister and Solicitor, make oath and say
    as follows:

    THAT I am a Partner in the St. John’s office of PATTERSON PALMER
    solicitors for William Matthews, the Member of Parliament for
    Random-Burin-St. George’s in the Parliament of Canada.

    THAT Mr. Matthews originally retained Mr. Edward Roberts, Q.C. on
    or about 30 April 2002 after Mr. Byron Prior, the Defendant/Plaintiff
    by Counterclaim, had made allegations against Mr. Matthews in a
    publication called “My Inheritance – The truth – Not Fiction: A Town
    with a Secret”. In that publication, the allegation was made that Mr.
    Matthews had had sex with a girl who had been prostituted by her
    mother. That girl was alleged to have been Mr. Prior’s sister.

    THAT upon being retained, Mr. Edward Roberts wrote a letter to Mr.
    Prior. That letter to Mr. Prior is attached as Exhibit “1″ to my

    THAT subsequent to Mr. Roberts’ letter to Mr. Prior, Mr. Roberts
    received a 1 May 2002 e-mail from Mr. Prior. That e-mail is attached
    as Exhibit “2″.

    THAT subsequent to Mr. Roberts receipt of the e-mail, Mr. Prior
    swore an Affidavit acknowledging that what had been said in that
    publication was false. That Affidavit is attached as Exhibit “3″ to my
    Affidavit. Following Mr. Roberts’ receipt of that Affidavit, Mr.
    Matthews advised that he was satisfied not to pursue the matter any
    further and our firm closed our file.

    THAT on or about 25 October 2004, I was retained by Mr. Matthews
    following his gaining knowledge that a web site, made a series of
    allegations against him relating to my having sex with a girl of
    approximately 12 years old through to an approximate age of 15 years
    old. It also accused him of being a father of one of her children and
    accused him of having raped that girl. Upon checking the web site I
    saw that Byron Prior, the Defendant, had been identified as the author
    of the material on the site.

    THAT Mr. Matthews instructed me to write Mr. Prior, to remind him
    of the fact that the allegations had been admitted to being false
    through a 16 May 2002 Affidavit to advise him of Mr. Matthews’
    intentions to commence legal proceedings if the comments were not
    removed from the web site. A copy of my letter to Mr. Prior is
    attached as Exhibit “4″ to this Affidavit.

    THAT I attach as Exhibit “5″ a transcript from a 5 November 2004
    voicemail left by David Amos, identified in the voicemail as a friend
    of Mr. Prior.

    THAT I attach as Exhibit “6″ a portion of a 6 November 2004 e-mail
    from Mr. Amos.

    THAT until I received his voicemail and e-mail, I had never heard
    of Mr. Amos.

    THAT Mr. Amos has continued to send me e-mail since his 5 November
    e-mail. Including his 6 November 2004 e-mail, I have received a total
    of 15 e-mails as of 23 January 2005. All do not address Mr. Matthews’
    claim or my involvement as Mr. Matthews’ solicitor. I attach as
    Exhibit “7″ a portion of a 12 January 2005 e-mail that Mr. Amos sent
    to me but originally came to my attention through Ms. Lois Skanes
    whose firm had received a copy. This e-mail followed the service of
    the Statement of Claim on 11 January 2005 on Mr. Prior. I also attach
    as Exhibit “8″ a copy of a 19 January 2005 e-mail from Mr. Amos.

    THAT I attach as Exhibit “9″ a copy of a 22 November 2004 letter
    addressed to me from Edward Roberts, the Lieutenant Governor of
    Newfoundland and Labrador covering a 2 September 2004 letter from Mr.
    Amos addressed to John Crosbie, Edward Roberts, in his capacity as
    Lieutenant Governor, Danny Williams, in his capacity as Premier of
    Newfoundland and Labrador, and Brian F. Furey, President of the Law
    Society of Newfoundland and Labrador. I requested a copy of this
    letter from Government House after asking Mr. Roberts if he had
    received any correspondence from Mr. Amos during his previous
    representation of Mr. Matthews. He advised me that he received a
    letter since becoming Lieutenant Governor, portions of which involved
    his representation of Mr. Matthews. Mr. Roberts’ letter also covered
    his reply to Mr. Amos.

    THAT I attach as Exhibit “10″ an e-mail from Mr. Amos received on
    Sunday, 23 January 2005.

    THAT I swear this Affidavit in support of the Application to
    strike Mr. Prior’s counterclaim.

    SWORN to before me at
    St. John’s, Province of Newfoundland
    and Labrador this 24th day of
    January, 2005.

    Signed by Della Hart STEPHEN J. MAY Signature
    A Commissioner for Oaths in and for
    the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador.
    My commission expires on December 31, 2009.
    11:43 PM

    Anonymous said…

    Dear Mr. Amos,

    On behalf of Ms. McLellan I would like to thank you for your email
    message concerning the current federal election. I regret that the
    volume of messages prevented me from responding sooner.

    Your message has been brought to Ms. McLellan`s attention, as she
    is always pleased to receive comments, both positive and negative.

    Again, thank you for bringing this matter to Ms. McLellan`s attention.

    Kirsten Odynski
    Office of the Deputy Prime Minister
    11:47 PM

    Anonymous said…

    Hey Mr. Costello
    Need I say I was not impressed by you yesterday. At least you
    confessed that you knew who I was but so much for a jealous defense of
    your client’s interests. EH? That said there is no need to send you
    hard copy of my material. Your associates within McInnes Cooper
    already have enough to review and confer with you about.
    Perhaps you should call the dudes or ladies (: Tell them how I
    chuck rocks will ya? from Patterson Palmer in Halifax that merged with
    your firm or better yet Lenny Hoyt and Franky Boy McKenna. In my
    humble opinion your little buddy Franky Boy as Canadian Ambassador
    should have tried to stop NB Power’s malicious lawsuit against
    Venezeula in the USA before it picked up steam. But what do I know.
    EH? I think the dudes from Venezeula were wise to bring the issues
    back to the Maritimes and into the Irvings’ lap. I think it was a hoot
    that they employed your firm to do so. What say you? Whereas you do
    not wish to speak to me I will speak to these dudes about you, Embassy
    of Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, 32 Range Rd Ottawa Ontario K1N
    8J4, Phone: 613 235-5151 and then send them what I sent Allan Rock
    Franky Boy Mckenna and the FBI almost one year ago. Perhaps you should
    call some of your friends mentioned below that I served my stuff upon
    yesterday after I talked to you and ask them what the Hell I am up to
    if you don’t already know.
    Veritas Vincit
    David Raymond Amos

    P.S. the following was an interesting article to come out in the
    local paper just as Humpty Dumpty had the Governor Gerneral drop the
    Writ on the last election. It certainly seems to me that the Irving’s
    and Bernie Lord were trying hard to help Stevey Boy Harper’s
    government and John Wallace get elected in order to protect their own
    selfish interests. EH? If he won’t tell ya then ask me why Franky Boy
    does not want to be the liberal leader right now. I Double Dog Dare
    Ya. As I said in closing yesterday you have my number but maybe the
    dudes from Venezeula lost it so here it is again 506 434 1379. Your
    problem is do I want to talk to you now. Whilst I am talking to your
    clients about your incompetance I will explain to them why I am
    preparing to sue your whole god damned law firm.

    November 25, 2005
    Liberal leader ‘jeopardizing’ NB Power’s chances in lawsuit over
    failed Orimulsion deal: Tory MLA
    New Brunswickers should question whether Liberal Leader Shawn
    Graham is fighting for them or for Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez,
    says a Tory MLA. Jody Carr, MLA for Oromocto-Gagetown, made the
    stinging indictment against Mr.Graham Thursday during a heated
    committee hearing where the Liberal leader took repeated swipes at
    David Hay, NB Power’s president and chief executive officer, for
    failing to answer legal questions regarding the utility’s Orimulsion
    lawsuit. Mr. Graham questioned some of the tactics being advanced by
    NB Power’s legal staff and demanded to know how much the power
    corporation budgeted for the legal battle against the Venezuelan
    government and its state-owned oil company.
    Mr. Carr said the Liberal leader crossed the line in Thursday’s
    committee hearing and could endanger NB Power’s lawsuit. “The issue is
    complicated and it shows the issue is far over his head to what he can
    comprehend,” Mr. Carr said in an interview later.”He was in effect
    working on the side of the Venezuelan government by jeopardizing the
    court proceedings.”He was jeopardizing the chances of government and
    NB Power recouping the $2.2 billion in savings and therefore, in
    essence, that put him on the other side.” NB Power restarted its
    lawsuit on Sept. 1, when it filed a statement of claim looking for
    $2.2 billion in financial damages, which equates to the price
    difference between purchasing heavy fuel oil to burn at the Coleson
    Cove Generation Station and Orimulsion, a cheap water-and-bitumen
    mixture patented by Petroleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA).
    NB Power has hired Stewart McKelvey Stirling Scales to quarterback
    the lawsuits filed in Fredericton and New York along with Simpson
    Thacher & Bartlett LLP to serve as their U.S. counsel. Mr. Hay
    estimated that the corporation has already spent as much as $600,000
    on legal bills relating to the Orimulsion lawsuit.The Liberal leader
    grew increasingly frustrated when Mr. Hay stonewalled his attempt to
    get a firm answer on NB Power’s budget for Orimulsion-related legal
    fees. “For the life of me I can’t understand how it could jeopardize
    the court proceedings in saying how much we are thinking this court
    challenge may cost,” Mr. Graham said.Throughout the committee session,
    Mr. Hay assured the Liberal leader that the power corporation was
    evaluating the risk-reward ratio at each legal “fork in the road.” Mr.
    Hay said he cannot disclose any details that could tip the utility’s
    legal hand considering the Venezuelans are keeping a close eye on the
    proceedings.”We are dealing with people with extremely deep pockets.
    And if you go to a poker game “… and you say, I have my $1,000 here
    or whatever it is you are playing with, that gives an advantage to the
    other side,” Mr. Hay said.
    Mr. Carr also accused Mr. Graham of misleading Saint John
    residents about the Orimulsion costs during the recent byelection
    campaign in Saint John Harbour. Mr. Carr said he found it
    disconcerting that Liberal campaign signs said the Conservative
    government lost $2.2 billion through the bungled Orimulsion fuel deal
    but now Mr. Graham admits the money was a “potential loss of savings.”
    – Daniel McHardie – Canadaeast News Service Source:
    Telegraph-Journal | page A5 on Nov. 25, 2005
    11:57 PM

    Anonymous said…

    From: “Steve Erickson”
    To: motomaniac
    Subject: from Steve Erickson from Masschusetts
    Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2006 19:26:32 +0000

    Mr. David Amos,
    we talked about 2 years ago. My cell that we talked on is [Boston
    area code cellphone # snipped]

    Much has happened good for me since then.

    Are you in Canada, in Parliment, or are you still in the Boston area?

    -Steve Erickson

    Does this stuff answer your question Stevey Baby? I read what you
    said of me within your long winded Blogs. I told you the truth years
    ago and now I will tell you a little bit more. To me you are just
    another greedy sneaky Yankee now. But to be fair to you I must admit
    that we have our share of bull___ing bloggers and crooked politicians
    in the Maritimes as well One of them is a Frenchie named Charlie
    Leblanc and another named Bernie Lord. Please allow me to introduce
    them and some of their cohorts to you. Their emails are wittin and his
    Blog and yours is below. How dare you bastards imply that I am a one
    percenter in order to promote yourselves.

    This is obvious Bull__ supported by Charlie Leblanc for his old
    buddy the malevolent Sergreant at Arms Danny Boy Bussieres were
    talking two years ago. Now that he has lost his trusted staus he files
    a human rights compalint after he laughed at my false imprisonment in
    a Yankee jail?

    Original article is at Print comments.
    by Charles LeBlanc Friday, Jun. 25, 2004 at 10:56 AM

    updates from Charles

    I got a few late stories that I want to bring up.
    They had a protest at the Legislature on Wednesday
    and I would say about 400 people showed up. I made my
    own little investigation in the crowd and I soon found
    out that many people from the Northern Part of the
    Province knew about my protest.
    These Acadians read about my protest in L’Acadie
    Nouvelle! A few weeks earlier, I found out that the
    English Population from the Miramichi area didn’t know
    about my fight so this shows me that it’s so important
    to have the media covering your issues.
    During the protest, I felt like I was in a police
    state. There were cops are over the place. I
    approached three of them and said – My God? We need
    violence, bricks going through windows, people being
    shot and tear gas!!!
    This is the only way that the Government will
    One cop said – If I have to use my gun? I know
    exactly where my first bullet is going to go!! Pretty
    Speaking of violence?
    That guy from the Sackville area who went to
    Toronto with his vehicle full of guns! Very scary
    What did I tell you people in the past? Someone is
    going to crack up one of these days and I know for a
    fact the area targeted is going to be the Legislature.

    There’s always undercovers cops around but only
    when the House is in session.
    As God as my witness I hope nothing happens but
    it’s just a matter of time till someone is push over
    the edge.
    I guess a guy name David Amos was shown the door
    yesterday at the Legislature. This guy is running as
    an Independent candidate in the riding of Fundy Royal.
    I met the guy over the net and he has a beef with our
    political bureaucrats.
    I admire people fighting for what they believe in
    but you can’t get carried away. I guess in this case?
    He wanted to speak from the Gallery and that’s a big
    faux pas!
    12:04 AM

    Anonymous said…

    After Stevey Boy Harper gets sworn in I will call Washington to
    see if Spectre got the wiretap tapes and then start forwarding this
    email everywhere. In an ethical effort to impeach Bush and his lapdog
    Harper myself.
    What did Lamrock, Burke, Murphy, McGuinley and you think of the
    copy of # 139? Scared the shit out of you EH? Whereas you little local
    liberal lawyers would not help me unseat Premier Lord and stop Stevey
    Boy Harper in h9s tracks i will through in the same lawsuits with him.
    It is hard to get good help these days. The word integrity does not
    fit in the job discription of a lawyer or a Parliamentian. EH?
    The fact that Emerson just crossed the floor and the Dastardly
    Dave Dingwall story broke yesterday kinda sends your wicked little
    party down the tubes EH? From my point of view it looks good on you
    dudes. Say Hey to Franky Boy McKenna for me will ya? I hope to argue
    you all very soon in court.
    Veritas Vincit
    David Raymond Amos

    FEDERAL EXPRESS February 7, 2006
    Senator Arlen Specter
    United States Senate
    Committee on the Judiciary
    224 Dirksen Senate Office Building
    Washington, DC 20510

    Dear Mr. Specter:

    I have been asked to forward the enclosed tapes to you from a man
    named, David Amos, a Canadian citizen, in connection with the matters
    raised in the attached letter. Mr. Amos has represented to me that
    these are illegal FBI wiretap tapes. I believe Mr. Amos has been in
    contact with you about this previously.

    Very truly yours,
    Barry A. Bachrach
    Direct telephone: (508) 926-3403
    Direct facsimile: (508) 929-3003

    David Amos wrote

    To Whom it may concern
    I know Petey Baby MacKay don’t love me so there is no sense in
    wasting my dime calling him. Hell he has refused to answer my letters
    or call me back even after Belinda Baby dumped him, so I do not expect
    him to do the right thing as Minister of Foreign Affairs other than to
    accept nasty little Franky Boy McKenna’s resignation ASAP. Tell me is
    Franky Boy entitled to severance pay like his fellow Malawyer ritime
    buddy Dingwall is? Whereas the liberals Wayne Easter and Landslide
    Annie refused to protect my dumb arse over the years in their capacity
    as Solicitor General/Minister of Public Safety. I guess I should be
    fair and allow it Mr. Day’s to try to act ethically on my behalf for a
    day or so, before I sue the Crown. EH?
    Rest assured that I ain’t holding my breath waiting for Mr. Day to
    call me back. Like many of the rest of you Stockwell Day has known of
    my troubles ever since Harper was elected as his latest boss in 2004
    when he sat in the 37th Parliament
    In the meantime in answer to Andrew Kyrstal’s very dumb question
    on the radio just now.,methinks I should inform the NHL dudes that are
    being prosecuted by corrupt Yankees how I can help them.I know Andrew
    Kystral and all the Rogers dudes never will. What the New Jersey Dudes
    are up to right now is merely a case of the big bad pot calling a
    minor little kettle black to me and Andrew Kyrtal knows it too. Just
    like the Lord Conrad Black versus FitzGerald matter in Chicago
    everybody is trying to play dumb and it was to funny that Peter C.
    Newman apologized after I sent his lawyers some of my stuff..
    Tell me something honestly if any you can find it in your soul to
    do so. Do you really think that the Conservatives thought that I
    didn’t notice that Mulroney’s right hand man Dereck Burney set up your
    Cabinet or that Michael Fortier was not a partner in his law firm?
    Veritas Vincit
    David Raymond Amos
    12:12 AM

    Anonymous said…

    As a little reward Frenchie Here is the reason Franky Boy McKenna,
    Allan Rock, John Manley, and Brian Tobin will not run for leader of
    the liberal party.
    Call them and ask them or the FBI to sse if they wish to call me a
    liar. Better yet call the Yankee Senators Arlen Spevter or Russ
    Feingold. Nitey night Chucky. The clock clicked past midnight and the
    blog has not turned into a pumpkin yet. I am impressed with your your
    Newfound sense of integrity but quit the wise cracks and try to say
    something about this crap I have posted that really matters. Will ya?
    A polite argument in public in front of many witnesses would be nice.

    May 11th, 2005

    Ambassador: H.E. Mr. Allan Rock
    One Dag Hammarskjold Plaza
    885 Second Avenue , 14th Floor
    New York , NY 10017

    Ambassador Franky McKenna
    Canadian Embassy
    501 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
    Washington, DC 20001

    Assistant Director Louis M. Reigel III
    Federal Bureau of Investigation
    J. Edgar Hoover Building
    935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Washington, D.C. 20535-0001

    Special Agent David Price
    FBI Minneapolis
    Suite 1100
    111 Washington Avenue, South
    Minneapolis, Minnesota 55401-2176

    RE: Rampant Public Corruption in Canada and the USA
    Now that Paul Martin has finally set the date for his confidence
    vote, methinks its time to pack my bags and head for home. I must
    raise some serious political hell in the Maritimes before the
    Commonwealth of Massachusetts does its worst to bankrupt my wife and
    put my kids on the street before I can expose the rampant public
    corruption. This is also a very good day to prove within the USA that
    we are well aware of each other and of my concerns and allegations in
    order to stress test the integrity of the US Mail. It and the Canada
    Post have failed me big time in recent years particularly just before
    the Yankees falsely imprisoned me last year for the benefit of George
    W. Bush, John Kerry and Paul Martin to name a few. I have no doubt
    whatsoever each of you dudes know more about me than I do about you.
    However that does not mean that I have not studied each of you a lot
    more than the ordinary layman. Just so we are clear, I have no respect
    for any of you. I know that all of you are as crooked as Chief Mearn,
    his cops and the lawyers who are coming into our home tomorrow without
    a warrant. This mail should prove your malice and willingness to
    support crime and public corruption.
    Pursuant to my many emails, phone calls and faxes etc., you will
    find enclosed as promised exactly the same material I served upon the
    Solicitor Generals Teddy Olson and landslide Annie McLellan last year
    before I ran for Parliament last year. The CD of the copy of wiretap
    tape # 139 is served upon you as officers of the court and FBI Agents
    in order that it may be properly investigated. Franky got this stuff
    and more last year. The FBI got even more the year before. Perhaps
    they should go find the original tapes that the Suffolk County
    District Attorney and Special Agent in Charge Ken Kaiser have been
    playing dumb about for far too long. This material was good enough to
    impeach George W. Bush last year and cause many people to quit or lose
    their jobs. It is every bit as valuable today and you all know it. Ask
    the many people whose names can be found within these documents or
    Franky Boy or Claude Richer, Allan Rock’s lawyer buddy in the RCMP
    about this stuff before you call me a liar. As you all know I am out
    of jail on bail pending my upcoming criminal trial in front of a jury
    of my peers. I have the right to remain silent in the USA. I will
    employ different rights in Canada and say a lot.
    What I choose to say while stumping for a seat in Parliament in
    Canada is of my concern not yours. If you dudes do your jobs here and
    I act ethically and legally up home with luck the world will be far
    better off in short order. I have already checked the rules with the
    people working for Elections Canada. We agree it is perfectly legal
    for an innocent man to run for Parliament while being prosecuted with
    false charges in the wrong jurisdiction and venue in the USA.
    Everybody knows I can secure my personal freedom quicker in a
    political forum in Canada rather than argue crooked judges in the USA.
    They have already imprisoned me on bull**** charges without even
    reading me my rights or telling me why I was in jail. The crooks are
    not going to have a sudden fit of ethical behavior now without it
    becoming a matter of political will. We all know it is high time for a
    change, the sooner the better for the Maritimes as well as the rest of
    the world. What better politician to argue with than a right wing
    lawyer named Rob Moore?
    As you all no doubt know I have been talking to many people within
    the UN and have sent many much of my stuff. You all must have laughed
    as hard as I did when the Cubans were afraid to talk about my stuff. I
    must agree with George Bush about one thing. The UN is certainly in
    need of an overhaul. Yet we all know that nasty dudes like Maurice
    Strong’s buddy, Paul A. Volcker, the Former North American Chairman of
    the Trilateral Commission and Karl Rove’s puppet, John Bolton are just
    going to make matters worse. The same holds true with the turncoat
    Robert C. Pozen. He now offers advice to Bush on how to fix Social
    Security simply because I sent him running for cover with my Putnam
    Investment concerns and the malevolent media control of Global
    Corporations. Feel free to argue me or act ethically. You choose. I
    don’t care. Franky Boy knows he is way past too late. I am just
    rubbing his nose it before I talk a lot about him and his failure to
    uphold the public trust in our old stomping grounds up home. I can’t
    help but wonder how he explained his “Harper is a lapdog for Bush”
    dogma to Karl Rove and his nasty cohorts. I suspect it was an allowed
    comment from an insider of the Carlyle Group. Don’t you? We all know
    Stephen Harper would never fit in that group. He is as dumb as a post.
    All of his successes playing at politicking have just been a matter of
    luck and playing on the PC and Liberal scandals. Harper is kinda scary
    to me. He has a truly awful agenda in store for all Canadians like
    evil old T. Alex Hickman and Johnny Crosbie did for our Newfys.
    Sometimes less is more. So in conclusion I will just quote former
    Inspector General of the DHS Clark Kent Irwin and simply say it would
    have benefited all if he had taken his own advice way back in November
    of 2003 when he had an important job.
    POGO: “Any advice for your fellow public servants?”
    Irwin: “Well, just do your job and let the political chips fall
    where they may. Unless you’re willing to do that, it seems to me you
    shouldn’t take the job in the first place.” What say you?

    Cya’ll in Court:)
    David R. Amos
    153 Alvin Ave.
    Milton MA. 02186

    They got their mail now. Check for yourself

    USPS Track & Confirm

    Current Status

    You entered 0302 1790 0001 6045 6592

    We attempted to deliver your item at 6:58 am on May 14, 2005 in
    MINNEAPOLIS, MN 55401 and a notice was left. It can be redelivered or
    picked up at the Post Office. If the item is unclaimed, it will be
    returned to the sender. Information, if available, is updated every
    evening. Please check again later.

    Here is what happened earlier:
    ACCEPTANCE, May 12, 2005, 9:30 am, QUINCY, MA 02169

    Current Status

    You entered 0302 1790 0001 6045 6608

    We attempted to deliver your item at 8:04 am on May 14, 2005 in
    NEW YORK, NY 10017 and a notice was left. It can be redelivered or
    picked up at the Post Office. If the item is unclaimed, it will be
    returned to the sender. Information, if available, is updated every
    evening. Please check again later.

    Here is what happened earlier:
    ACCEPTANCE, May 12, 2005, 9:32 am, QUINCY, MA 02169

    Current Status

    You entered 0302 1790 0001 6045 6615

    We attempted to deliver your item at 4:03 am on May 14, 2005 in
    WASHINGTON, DC 20535 and a notice was left. It can be redelivered or
    picked up at the Post Office. If the item is unclaimed, it will be
    returned to the sender. Information, if available, is updated every
    evening. Please check again later.

    Here is what happened earlier:
    ARRIVAL AT UNIT, May 14, 2005, 4:01 am, WASHINGTON, DC 20022
    ACCEPTANCE, May 12, 2005, 9:31 am, QUINCY, MA 02169

    Current Status

    You entered 0302 1790 0001 6045 6707

    Your item was accepted at 9:32 am on May 12, 2005 in QUINCY, MA
    02169. Information, if available, is updated every evening. Please
    check again later
    12:21 AM

    Anonymous said…

    So charlie what papers did he ask you to deliver to brad Green?

    And why didn’t you complete the task?
    9:26 AM

    Anonymous said…

    Hey David Amos you complain about Chucky’s pictures. He posts many
    pictures of himself so you fall in love with him. He really likes you.

    Chucky really needs you.
    9:58 AM

    Anonymous said…

    I am impressed with Chucky’s newfound sense of ethics the blog
    still stands this morning. If anyone would like to view the material
    and listen to a copy of a wiretap tape that Chucky and his buddy
    Vaughn are so afraid of all they have to do is call me and meet me in
    public somewhere before I leave Fredericton. I am sitting in town
    right now and trying to write my first complaint to file in Federal
    Court ASAP. Here is my cell number again 506 434 1379
    Veritas Vincit
    David Raymond Amos
    10:44 AM

    Anonymous said…

    Methinks Mr Amos is a wacko
    12:22 PM

    Anonymous said…

    Mr. Amos is in good company with Charlie though. They will get
    along fine. They seem to have a lot in common.
    12:39 PM

    Anonymous said…

    Methinks too but Mr. Amos is in good company with Charlie though.
    They will get along fine. They seem to have a lot in common.
    12:39 PM

    Anonymous said…

    Oh ye critics with no names why not pick up the phone tomorrow and
    call your Ombudsman and Chucky’s buddy Bernie Richard mention my name
    and ask him whether or not he received this email on August 11th, 2004
    at 3.11 pm two weeks before he met my family in his office. Then if
    you grow up and get a name and an emaiul address watch me prove to you
    I am no friend of Charles Leblanc

    Hey Bernard
    Thanks for your response though. I didn’t believe you on the phone
    the instant that you tried to make an issue about not receiving the
    email to Wayne Steeves. I figured that you were covering for Brad
    Green because that would mean that you knew the CISNB was involved. I
    laughed when you repeated it in the email. Do you think me dumb?The
    Fredericton PD guard the legislature correct? Ask Sgt. Kelly or Chief
    Carlisle if they had jurisdiction over me when they threw me out. The
    Crown always has jurisdiction over a Canadian citizen particularly
    when he is on native soil. I figured out it was Dan that threw mw out.
    He should have taken the stuff in the yard just as soon as he affirmed
    that he and the cops had jurisdiction over me as he ordered me away
    from the legislative building. They did watch me go into 710 Queen St
    to serve TJ Burke and come out without the stuff. They know I did it.
    Over Two hundred people watched me serve Leroy.Armstrong once he stuck
    his nose in my affairs. Anne McLellan and Brad Green both suggested
    that I give this stuff to cops that claim jurisdiction. Go argue Bruce
    Noble. .I don’t need any luck Uncle Franky has been dead for two
    months even though no one has notified my wife I know it. Watch me
    turn the worm on the Secret Service, the FBI and the RCMP
    There is no way you could have known about Connie Fogal without
    getting Wayne Steeves’ email as well. He should have sent the CISNB
    out to do their job by now. Obviously that is not the case. Maybe
    Elizabeth Weir will have more luck making you understand. As for me I
    simply don’t trust you. I will be calling you to court. We can argue
    about integrity and jurisdiction there. In the mean time perhaps you
    should go find Leroy Armstrong or T J Burke or Brad Green or Premier
    Lord or Bruce Noble and ask to see the documents and the copy of the
    wiretape tape I sent them before I compel you to argue about them with
    me. There is another fella running around Fredericton with the same
    stuff. His name is Vaughn Barnett. If the politicians won’t talk to
    you, maybe he will. his number is 457-4559 But he is likely out in the
    front yard protesting something. I don’t trust him either because he
    and Charles Leblanc are buddies and I know he is a liar.

    Cya’ll in Court
    David R. Amos
    1:21 PM

    Anonymous said…

    I still can’t understand what this guy is trying to say. His
    posts/letters or whatever are WAYYYYYY too long! I still have no idea
    what his beef is or who it’s with.
    2:52 PM

    Anonymous said…

    I sent the email I promised I would to Chucky and many of his
    buddies. I will forward it on to anyone else. All you have to do is
    ask. Again my email address motomaniac_02186 (at)

    Veritas Vincit
    David Raymond Amos
    2:59 PM

    Anonymous said…

    My beef is what all politicians talk about but do nothing about
    because they are the ones who practice it. In a nutshell it is called
    Public Corruption Get it? If not so be it. I have said enough for now.
    3:03 PM

    Anonymous said…

    All I know is that David and Chucky make great friends. They are
    heavenly made couple. They think alike and behave alike.
    Only difference is that David rights a little better English when
    Chucky sucks.
    3:27 PM

    Charles LeBlanc said…

    4:03 PM

    Anonymous said…

    Ok “writes” smart a**.
    4:55 PM

    Anonymous said…

    Charlie you’ve been leaving comments since someone above asked you
    what papers you were supposed to deliver to brad green for this guy?
    and #2 why didn’t you complete the task?
    6:03 PM

    Anonymous said…

    Thanks for asking that question again but rest assured Chucky will
    never answer it?
    7:25 PM

  5. Has anyone ever seen a HellS Angel riding a Panhead in the last 30 years or so? DUHHH?

    Anonymous said…

    > LEBLANC????
    > by Charles LeBlanc Saturday, Jun. 12, 2004 at 11:26
    > AM
    > Fredericton
    > Thursday morning, I showed up at the Legislature to
    > use the computer at the Library.
    > I was told by security that two rough looking
    > individuals walked through the doors and asked for a
    > Charles Leblanc?
    > They described the guys as rough looking and one of
    > them had a long gray beard with a leather jacket!
    > At first, I believe it was the Hell Angels coming
    > down from Montreal for a hit on Charles.
    > Hours later, I seen my bigot buddy Matthew Glenn and
    > he was in front of the Legislature with his
    > blowhorn.
    > For you people who don’t know the bigot? He’s the
    > one who started the Anglo Society. I seen him
    > preaching to three young kids and of course I butt
    > in and said – Hey Bigot??? Why don’t you bigot go
    > home?
    > Minutes later, we were approached by two guys and
    > they asked politely –Where can we locate a Charles
    > LeBlanc???
    > In a matter of seconds, the bigot quickly pointed at
    > me.
    > I said to myself – Ohhh?? Thanks a lot Bigot!!!
    > At the end? It was a guy named David Amos and I
    > guess that he’s running at an independent in the
    > riding of Fundy Royal. The guy have been living in
    > the area of Boston and he’s been following my
    > updates on the internet. I’m telling you that the
    > information highway is a great way to spread the
    > message to the rest of the world!
    > We talked for around 30 minutes and it was nice to
    > see the bigot, me and David Amos together debating
    > our own little concern issue. We all have our own
    > issues and it’s too bad that we cannot unite and
    > fight but that’s the way Canadians do things.
    > They remind silent until the Government really
    > pissed them all and go out and vote the party in
    > power out of office
    7:40 PM

    Anonymous said…

    From: charles leblanc
    Subject: Re: This is David Amos
    To: moto maniac

    I don’t know what you’re talking about but I gace your
    info to Vaughn…Maybe he can explain to me what your
    papers are all about…lol

    — moto maniac wrote:

    > Hey Charles
    > I just found out a simple truth about you. You
    > are a liar. Not only did you not give my stuff to
    > Brad Green as you promised. You did not give it to
    > the man from Minto that you enjoy calling a bigot. I
    > just had a little talk with him and he affrimed what
    > I had suspected about you and denied receiving the
    > documents etc. from you as you claimed.
    > Perhaps you should get honest and give the
    > stuff to Vaughn Barnett. (I just called him 506
    > 457-4559 and left him a message to assure him that I
    > am sincere and this is not spam I have not been to
    > Fredericton lately but I plan to come soon if you
    > don’t give him the documents and CD I will) I am
    > certain he will understand them and know what to do
    > with them. Rest assured that I will tell him you
    > have them. (In fact I just did didn’t I) You can
    > explain your own actions to your friends. I
    > understand you well enough already.
    > I always suspected that you were all about
    > Charles LeBlanc and in the self promotion game. But
    > I thought you may at least be ethical. Turns out you
    > are just a liar and a chickenshit like all the rest.
    > By the way I did figure out who threw me out of the
    > legislature it was a french fella by the name of
    > Dan. I have no idea why he would claim that his name
    > was Jean Claude but it does explain to me why he did
    > not show me his ID. I ain’t no Hells Angel as you
    > and the fellas in the legislature like to claim that
    > I am. However I am a plenty pissed off boy from
    > Dorchester who just had another French asshole show
    > me his ass. Ask me why I am not surprised? Don’t you
    > think I asked around about you? Never forget you
    > were raised just up the road from me. I told you
    > that out of the gate when I first called you from
    > Boston. Remember? That should have been a little
    > clue to you. You should have done the same before
    > slandering me and adding to the offense by proving
    > to me that you are a liar. I
    > gave you the benefit of my doubt but you proved for
    > me once more first impressions are seldom wrong. I
    > have now thrown you in the same boat with your
    > frienf the Sergeant at Arms(Even that has acquired a
    > french spelling for an English Queen) I don’t hate
    > french folks but I do find french bullshit very
    > contemptable. I have many Cajun friends that share
    > the same opinion about french Canadians. In fact I
    > was the first Canadian that a lot of them ever met
    > that they actually saw eye to eye with. We quickly
    > put the english/french stuff in the proper corner
    > and went on with our pursuit of happiness We just
    > laughed at your snotty attitudes about culture.
    > everybody knows it ain’t about that at all. It is
    > about money and power as usual. Wave all the flags
    > you want, you can’t fool me. I am too stupid. What
    > you and all my other fellow maritmers seem to be
    > overlooking is that while we can’t see the forest
    > for the trees because of our petty squabbles, the
    > evil Global dudes have been raping our
    > forest primeval. They playing us like a fiddle
    > while you dance their jig out of your own self
    > interest. Do you want a job in the media or do you
    > wish to be like Michael Moore and become famous
    > byway of notoriety? Do you really think anyone in
    > the media owned by the rich and powerful takes you
    > seriously? Can anyone take you seriously once they
    > find you to be a liar? At least I do what I say and
    > say what I mean. What say you now Chucky Baby?
    > Better yet wait until I turn up and say it to me in
    > front of your friends. Premier Lord know I love to
    > argue with Frenchmen we can talk about it on his
    > front lawn. You buddy Dan and the CISNB can listen
    > in.
    > The following are your words about me. I find
    > that you are so full of yourself it is ridculous
    > particularly in light of the fact that I consider
    > you to be full of shit. Watch how easily I prove
    > that fact about you the next time I am in
    > Fredericton. Which maybe sooner that you think. Rest
    > arrured I will be telling your friends what I think
    > of you. Feel free to argue with me. It should prove
    > interesting to see who they believe.
    > David R.
    > Amos
    > 506
    > 434-1379
    7:44 PM

    Anonymous said…

    Vaughn did you get my material as Leblanc claims? You are the
    third guy he says he gave it to. If not I know I will be the last. I
    have had enough of him and his funny ways at my expense. He whined and
    complained that he had no computer so I gave him one. But he failed to
    even say Thanks. Now the liar wants people to buy him a Bull Horn so
    he can bother more people with his Bullshit. Well Fredericton has
    already met a real legal and social activist and i did it all without
    a whisper or any press coverage. Soon Ottawa will receive the same
    stuff and much much more before I return to the USA to argue the
    bastards pulling the strings up here in our old houses. The folks
    working there seem to care more what language the liars are speaking
    in rather than what they are actually saying. Charles LeBlanc spoke
    with a forked tongue when he claimed his Scottish heritage. He made my
    blood boil and my ancestors bones rattle when he went on and on about
    his roots. First the frenchy wants his flag on the government houses
    then he wants to wave it wearing our kilts? I am of the Keith Clan and
    founded my own. My ancestors were fine and noble warriors. Read their
    motto on the beer bottle Chucky and tell me if you believe it or not.
    Rest assured I do. Neither my Septs nor I would accept such a man as
    Charles Leblanc as a trusted friend.
    7:45 PM

    Anonymous said…


    Yes, Charles gave me the material – although I must admit that I
    was not able to make much sense of it. Because of that, and because it
    appears to be out of my area of expertise, I doubt that I can help you
    very much. Also, unfortunately, your clash with Charles, and your low
    opinion of him (which I feel is unwarranted) has created a conflict of
    interests, as Charles is a friend of mine and a fellow activist. Since
    I doubt I can assist you much anyway, perhaps that doesn’t matter. In
    any event, good luck with your cause.

    7:47 PM

    Anonymous said…

    Chucky finally met his match in David Amos. Chucky deserves it. He
    messes with good people. Someone is speaking out.
    8:09 PM

  6. In conclusion Chucky Crybaby Leblanc made a true confession and has blocked from his blogs ever since but I believe I set a record within his blog in making the most comments within a single day and they have stood the test of time for eleven years and counting

    Charles LeBlanc said…

    I must admit that you have lots of guts to condenm me in my blog site.

    Anyway? I tried to read those papers and I can honestly say that I
    don’t uderstand what your battle is all about?

    I never told you that I would give those papers to any MLA’s. Why
    the hell do I want to be involded in your issues anyway.

    I got enough on my own plate.

    Ok…you got a little blog because a good supporter of this blog
    asked me to let you post your views.

    Don’t blow it!!!!

    Is you wish to smear and used bad words? I’ll delete the whole blog.

    Try to be nice. Not too many websites allowso you to post your
    views so be nice in here…..

    Watch the language….is not??? Well? Why don’t you start a new blog????

    Is easy to do…..

    I really don’t understand your point of view.

    All the activists are trying to bring important issues to the
    public and you wish to condenm the same people.

    Why burn all those bridges?

    Oh well c’est la vie…..
    8:46 PM

    Anonymous said…

    Lets get this straight Chucky so there is no misunderstanding. You
    only allowed my words to stand this time around because other people
    read them and asked you to? Hmmm some ethics EH?

    As for guts not only is my belly bigger than you my balls are as
    big as basketballs compared to yours. I ain’t afraid of Count Peter
    Hans Klovenbach so why would I be afraid of you? You and your wannbe
    lawyer friend know full well I have been trying to impeach George W.
    Bush byway of the courts since 2002. Long before that nonsense in Iraq
    began. You hate me because if you had even glanced at the papers you
    just confessed you read then you know I sued Cardinal Law and caused
    him to quit his job on Dec 13th, 2002. It had nothing to do with child
    abuse like the media claims. It was merely filthy lucre that is all.
    Well my wife’s cousin the exbanker turned priest Robert T. Kickham is
    still around around and cooking the books for the brand new Cardinal
    in Beantown. You know the dude in named O’Malley.

    Furthmore Chucky you offer no argument to anything I state other
    than lie about not promising to serve Brad Green or falsely claiming
    that the computer I gave you was no good? The best you can is make
    jokes or critize my choice of words whilst I point out your serious
    lack of integrity?

    In my law books it is not illegal to have poor manners or use the
    words I have employed thus far(as of yet anyway) I believe it falls
    under something that can be found in the Charter

    However to slander someone and tell ouright lies about them for
    one’s own gain is more than offensive. I have been falsely imprisoned
    because of the perjury of people like you who choose to support public
    corruption for their own gain. Methinks I should seek relief in court
    in fredericton particularly when I can prove it. Furthermore you know
    you have told several lies within the very blog.

    I will wager if I posted something that you can never refute this
    blog will evporate immediately. Perhaps I should seal its fate and let
    your friends wonder why you erased me so quickly after I busted you in
    front of everybody. Never fear though I saved this blog in its
    entirety already. However you really should check you email and press
    print on the tif file that I just sent you and yoy hard copy of the
    proof that I keep wonderful records. Some of your buddies and
    adversaries may be reading it already. At the end of the day you may
    realize that I just may turn out to be the honest man that you ever
    9:11 PM

    Charles LeBlanc said…

    I give up….I’m just going to continue bloggling away…..Bonne Chance…
    9:27 PM

    Anonymous said…

    Don’t you think you should hire a lawyer too? That last email was
    hell in a hand basket wasn’t it? Why not call Cleveland Allaby (your
    know Tanker’s lawyer) he hates both Bernie Lord and me but he won’t
    demand any sort of apology from me. Hell he won’t even whisper my
    name. Just maybe Cleveland Allaby will help Vaughn and you to
    understand my material and then ask you two dudes why you didn’t call
    the RCMP years ago. Yea I know I am pipe dreaming. Honest cops and
    lawyers don’t exist. That is pure Hollywood all the way and a long
    long way from the Maritimes EH? Ask my Newfy buddy Byron Prior how bad
    things really are around here. I Double Dog Dare Ya too Chucky.
    Que Sera Sera and
    Cya’ll in Court
    David Raymond Amos
    9:42 PM

    Anonymous said…

    Chucky giving advice to David Amos to not burn bridges? That is
    funny. Chucky is good at burning bridges himself. He has no bridge
    left to burn. How can give advice to others to not do the same.
    8:04 AM

    Anonymous said…

    Subject: Fwd: Sue me Eddy Baby I double Dog Dare Ya I telling Lord
    Black on you

    Everybody loves a mystery. A lot of folks were no doubt wondering
    why the big talking old fart named Petey Newman apologized to Lord
    Conrad Black not long after he and Mikey Levine laughed off his
    lawsuit at the big party in Toronto. Didn’t it seem strange to anyone
    that the Tory’s law firm wrote the crooked old Lord a fat cheque as
    well? It seems that the Torys, a dude named Mr. Moate, Levine,
    Greenspan, Newman and I may be the only ones to know the true reason
    why and I am the only one who will tell the tale. Here is your clue
    see if you can figure it out. I know of two Maritimers who will never
    have a hope in hell of figuring it out because they do not have two
    clues between them and if the did they would not know what to do with
    them. One dude everybody calls Tanker and the other I call Frenchie.
    They know who they are do you
    Veritas Vincit
    David Raymond Amos
    11:02 AM

    Anonymous said…

    Date: Fri, 6 Jan 2006 06:36:11 -0800 (PST)
    From: David Amos
    To: Eddy Greenspan
    Subject: Sue me Eddy Baby I double Dog Dare Ya I telling Lord Black on you

    Say hey to your buddies the old fart Peter C. Newman and and the
    corrupt Yankee FitzGerald for me will ya?

    “Edward L. Greenspan, Q.C.” wrote:

    Subject: RE: Since Susan Prosnitz and her boss Fynn would not
    answer Hard Copy
    Date: Fri, 6 Jan 2006 08:10:13 -0500
    From: “Edward L. Greenspan, Q.C.” To: “David Amos”

    Please delete my name from your emails

    Greenspan, White
    144 King Street East
    Toronto, Ontario M5C 1G8
    Tel: 416-366-3961
    Fax: 416-366-7994
    11:11 AM

    Anonymous said…

    Subject: RE: Sue me Eddy Baby I double Dog Dare Ya I telling Lord
    Black on you

    “Cleveland J. Allaby” wrote:

    Please do not email, write, copy or send anything to me in the future.
    11:14 AM

    Anonymous said…

    Bingo You Mr. Cleveland Allaby win the cake baked by Bernie Lord.

    Cya’ll in Court . Thanks for finally responding to me. Your timing
    is perfect. One hour before or so before the 39th Parliament begins
    and just in time before I polish off my first complaint to file in
    Federal court in Fredericton. Was it done so quickly after I blogged
    my letter to you in Chucky LeBlanc’s web page? Did the gossip about my
    blogging in his website reach you first thing this morning? In my book
    you are as dumb as the Frenchie is. Wise or dumb I will call you as a
    witness to testify in Federal Court before I get around to suing you.
    Perhaps your lawyer and I should talk now. Hostile or not you will
    make an important witness not only on because of your lawsuits
    concernining Native Aboriginal matters (Remember Barry Bachrach
    represents me in the USA right now) but more importantly because
    Bernie Lord paid you a lot of money years ago to study the Justice
    Dept. (Wasn’t it 112,000 grand or so?)
    Obviously Cleveland you are no wiser than Eddy Greenspan. Clearly
    you think your status as a well known lawyer allows you not only to
    ignore and not uphold the law but break it if you wish. Should you
    have contacted the RCMP as soon as you listened the the CD I provided
    you with. Guess what I told them you got it already. My next calls are
    to the General Counsel of the SIRC and the old lawyer who represent
    the following folks. He has played dumb with me for way past to long.

    Suite 200, 394 Bloor Street West
    Toronto, Ontario M5S 1X4
    phone: 416-363-0321
    fax: 416-861-1291

    Cleveland did you really think your email will scare me off? Look
    how fast I bounced it back and forwarded it to many others. When a man
    has been diligently attempting to impeach George W. Bush for over
    three years despite the attacks from crooked Feds etc nothing scares
    him anymore. A threat of litigation coming from the email box of a
    lawyer into mine is like manna from heaven to me. Didn’t I slam Eddy
    Greenspan the same way? Man you are dumb if you though that I would
    not do the same thing with you. You just proved for me that every body
    else got my email and hard copy too. you asgin the same question I
    asked you on February 23rd. Whois your god damned lawyer maybe I know
    him already. If not tell him he has a fool for a client. Will ya?

    Tell me honestly, Cleveland if you can find it in your your soul
    to do so. Why Didn’t you sue Bernie Lord as you threatened to do
    particularly after you and I talked the day before I gave my material
    to your buddy Tom Young and the New Brunswick Securities Commission? I
    heard of no apology from him and I laughed when I saw Tanker being
    trundled down to the Speakers chair arm in arm with two crooks. I
    figured another backroom deal went down and Tanker needed a smarter
    lawyer because I had heard nothing from you and I made certain that
    you knew the score with Hard Copy of my material before that shit went
    down. Something definitely smells rotten in New Brunswick EH?
    Veritas Vincit
    David Raymond Amos

    The question still remains who is the April Fool and will Chucky
    evict me for Blogging?

    chucky leblanc wrote:

    You can add this note to all the millions of other
    notes but I feel that I have to send ya this note.

    We allowed you to have your own little blog. I believe
    it’s a good way for you to spread your message.

    I’m still trying to figure out exactly what the
    message is???…lol

    Anyway, there’s no need to condenm the people who are
    activists like Vaugh.

    I believe it attracts new visitors that search the
    names you mention.

    But once that blog is delete? It’s too fini.

    I too had problems at the Legislature and it’s in
    front of the Human Rights Commission.

    It takes time…..

    All I’m asking is that you try to be nice and don’t
    condenm people like Vaugh who an activist also.

    Just try to be nice…..

    Lets try to spread our message in a nice way!

    What do you think???
    11:20 AM

    Anonymous said…

    What, specifically, are all these people being sued for? You rant
    and rave and nobody can make heads or tails out of what you are
    talking about.

    We know you ran for office. We know that you try to impeach Bush
    (and anybody who does that certainly gets good marks from me!) We know
    that for some reason they held you in jail? Is that correct?

    I’m assuming its under the new terrorism laws, since you say they
    wouldn’t let you see evidence. That also is not surprising the way the
    US is functioning.

    But what are all the lawsuits about? There is something about
    wiretap evidence that for some reason you are sending to canadian
    politicians and lawyers..why is that?

    What exactly are all these law firms doing? If they are crooked,
    then specifically what evidence do you have? That lawyers are crooks
    also doesn’t surprise most people, I”m mostly surprised we continue to
    elect so many of them.

    But if you could explain point by point what the grievances are
    against these people, then people may understand. Perhaps you don’t
    care and just want to let off steam, that’s fine too, that’s what
    blogs are for. However, many people would like to know what you are
    suing these people for?
    12:37 PM

    Anonymous said…

    Good day to ye with no name. thanks for the question. Methinks by
    your questions you must be Vaughn.I stated the reason for my first
    lawsuit clearly live on CTV news to that Murphy character at
    suppertime just before I was allowed to debate Andy Scot in Oromocto.
    My first lawsuit will be to seek relief for the offense against my
    rights under the Charter because I was falsely imprisoned without
    being charged, held without bail and it was all done without even
    being read my rights. Then I was denied my right to a trial after met
    the Canadian Consulate in jailand came screaming out. I had tried to
    remove the matter to the proper jurisdiction and venue in order to
    prove the malicious prosecution to no avail. the bastarsds in the USA
    will never give a jury of my peers and Federal Court in Canada does
    not employ a jury. Thus I must make my issues well known locally
    before I file so that the Judges will not dismiss my complaints so
    easily as they have done in the past. Give me a call if you are not
    Vaughn and I will meet you show you the evidence.
    Veritas Vincit
    David Raymond Amos
    P.S. My next posting is quite a rant. I explain things in greater
    detail to say the least but my manners are slipping fast. It will be
    the maximum stress test of Chucky’s newfound sense of ethics.
    1:17 PM

    Anonymous said…

    So you are suing the canadian government for being held in jail in
    the US? Is that right, or were you held in Canada? How does that even

    Why go on a lengthy rant to ‘test’ Charles? Take a break if your
    manners are slipping. Having your messages deleted on the last place
    your story can be told hardly seems helpful.

    “Then I was denied my right to a trial after met the Canadian
    Consulate in jailand came screaming out”

    That makes no sense whatsoever. People don’t need long rants, they
    need clarity. You are suing the canadian government because they
    refused to help you while in US custody, is that correct?
    1:43 PM

    Anonymous said…

    Bingo. Vaughn
    1:57 PM

    Anonymous said…

    Wouldn’t it be funny if you are not Vaughn but actually Clevelans
    Allaby or Bras Green or Jeff Mockler or beter yet David Lutz or
    Vaughn’s buddy Brucy Baby Noble. that can’t be though because Vaughn
    must be Chucky’s only legal minded friend
    2:00 PM

    Anonymous said…

    I am typing to fast because I am upt to something far more
    important right now involving J. Division. Mean old Zach’s old
    stomping grounds.
    2:03 PM

    Anonymous said…

    You know what? I am am gonna take you advice and take a break from
    Chucky’s little sideshow and go downtown to see what condition my
    condition is in Fredericton. I will be the ugly guy grinning and
    smoking a lot but not saying a damned think. From now on i want
    everything i say recorded. One must do such things when one sues the
    EH Vaughn?
    2:09 PM

    Anonymous said…

    Well, that makes some sense anyway. So how are these New Brunswick
    lawyers involved? Are you saying that none of them will represent you
    or what? You are sending them this wiretap evidence for what reason?
    If it’s federal court why are you even in New Brunswick, all the
    lawyers in this province are idiots and irving lackeys. Why not go to
    Toronto where there are at least some civil liberties lawyers.

    The trouble is, I don’t know of any legal grounds that ‘forces’
    the canadian government to intervene in a foreign country’s legal
    system. If somebody plants coke on you in columbia and you get caught,
    then plead with canada to help you out, you’ll be out of luck.

    Under the charter canadians have fewer rights than americans. Our
    ‘terror laws’ are the mirror image of the US’s, but never even had
    moranda rights or anything ike that. In Canada, you are simply f&&&&&
    if you cross the state, as any native, environmentalist, protestor, or
    civil rights attorney will tell you.

    I don’t know of a single case where somebody successfully sued,
    even David Milgaard was given a settlement since it was dragging out
    so long. Natives have tried suing for years.

    However, it’s easy to talk from the outside. But if Ernst Zundel
    couldn’t sue for being held for almost a decade with no charges
    against him in Canada, I don’t see how far a lawsuit against Canada
    for not intervening in a foreign country will go.
    2:15 PM

    Anonymous said…

    Civil rights? Where do you think you ar?? Lok at th e blog. A
    woman can’t panhandel to make life a little bettre. Boarding house
    residents can’t do anything. This was a joke, but if that owner wanted
    to, he could toss Charles for just that reason. Hell, owners could
    show up at their apartments and tell them they want a blowjob, any
    body who said no would be told to get out. Welcome to New Brunswick.
    2:53 PM

    Anonymous said…

    I am back in more ways than one.
    It is half past quitting time and all the corrupt politicians are
    out getting drunk or laid or both. Tis time for bloggers to come out
    and play maybe with luck what the smiling bastards read in the morning
    will give a few of them a stroke and Lord can call some more snap by
    elections EH?
    “Welcome to New Brunswick?” Jeez I was born and raised here i have
    lived here for over forty years of my life. I am older than Chucky and
    lived just down the road from where he was brought up in Dorchester
    NB. I went to High School and UNB in Fredericton when most of the
    snots that are screwing us did. Why do you think I am so pissed off?
    You don’t think I know the score. If someone claims that I am a Yankee
    again I think I may hunt them down. If because a man lives somewhere
    else for awhile makes him a man of that place then how come a Newfy is
    always a Newfy everywhere he goes.
    Here is a God’s moment for Chucky:
    Wht did God tell the Newfys?
    Play dumb til I get back Will ya?
    that joke seems to hold true here to. since I left the room
    nothing further was said. How come. cat got you tongue chucky or could
    it be the emails I sent ya?
    Love and Kisses
    6:52 PM

    Anonymous said…

    Can ya tell I am fishing?
    If you speak of the devil he is sure to appear particularly when
    you jerk his chain and piss him off.
    Dave again
    6:55 PM

    Anonymous said…

    Nobody called you a yankee, but starting threatening people is
    sure to get you deleted, as well as guaranteeing no court in the
    country will give you the time of day except to prosecute. As was
    said, there is virtually zero chance of suing the government for your
    claim. At least Charles is being constructive and taking it to the
    human rights people and doing his part to get more rights for new
    brunswickers. But good luck getting to court.
    7:25 PM

    Anonymous said…

    I see that you are watching Vaughn. Spoken just like a lawyer you
    wish to be. “Hunt you down” is an expression. But it brought you out
    of the woods didn’t it. Perhaps you should read your next email real
    slow. Before I go I must ask you are you trying to intimadate me by
    making false allegations against me?
    Love and Kisses
    (hows that for nice Chucky?)
    7:34 PM

    Anonymous said…

    “As was said, there is virtually zero chance of suing the
    government for your claim.”
    Hmm maybe I will ask Vaughn under oath in court someday why he has
    formed that opinion of my pending lawsuit. Clearly he knows more of my
    matters than what I or Chucky have given him. I am still human don’t
    you know. Fredericton does not have the only courts in this old World.
    I except them crooked judges here to try hard to dismiss my matters.
    Why to you think I am raising hell first. If anyone should understand
    what I am up to it is an actvist.
    Love and Kisses
    7:48 PM

    Anonymous said…

    You certainly ain’t Bruce Noble because he represents the
    Fredericton PD if you choose to send them to hassle me. He already
    know I have a few bones to pick with him in court. I would welcome
    more false charges. Here is the obvious question. Are you Chucky’s
    buddy Vaughn or are you not? If not who are you?
    Love and Kisses
    7:53 PM

    Anonymous said…

    Thirty minutes have passed and still no comment. Come on now the
    email was not all that long Vaughn.
    Love and Kisses
    8:02 PM

    Anonymous said…

    I have noticed that Chucky hit counter has picked up a little
    speed. His count is starting to appraoch Byron Prior’s website. Here
    it is if anybody cares. I know I do. Byron is human too and he has
    been far more offended than Chucky ever was.

    I was bored waiting and check to see if it clicked over a big
    milestone for him.

    80 grand was how many viewers he had when the MP Billy Matthews
    intmadted him into taking it down.

    Chucky is appraoching that number for the first time. this is
    Byron second kick at the can of worms of injustice.

    Love and Kisses
    8:10 PM

    Anonymous said…

    Tick tick tick Methinks when the count get to 100 I will evict
    myself before I get the bum’s rush. It is getting kinda boring here
    anyway. I wil just safe the posts and go about my evening knowing
    nobody will miss me here.
    Hell I was even being kinda sorta nice:)
    Love and Kisses
    8:16 PM

    Anonymous said…

    Your silence is deafening Vaughn i must be coorect at you or are
    you to busy trying to revive Chucky with mouth to mouth. Did I give
    you two too much information in the last email and it overloaded you
    little minds? What gives Chuckys other blogs barely have any comments
    at all he can’t be that busy. I will leave the comment after 99 for
    Chucky to fill in or delete. He always likes to have the last word.
    EH? I will post this look for a comment and then be gone to leave you
    to wonder when and where we will cross paths again.
    Love and Kisses
    8:38 PM

    Anonymous said…

    Now I don’t even make sense to myself. I will consider myself
    evicted and save the blog in its entirety to argue about later.
    Cya’ll in court or in Hell.
    C’est la meme chose n’est pas?
    Bon nuit ma petite chou chous.
    (Aren’t I nice)

    Veritias Vincit
    (check the Keiths beer bottle)
    David Raymond Amos
    8:48 PM

    Anonymous said…

    I don’t know who Vaughn is, I was interested in the story because
    I couldn’t decide whether you were crazy or just very angry. I still
    don’t know.

    I know there are constructive uses for anger, Charles has
    accomplished quite a bit with his. I’d hate to see ANYBODY spend all
    that time and energy in a fruitless cause such as trying to sue the
    government. The mention of being an ‘activist’ was heartening. Charles
    has been an activist and he and Tim Smith have almost single handedly
    got the rights of tenants on the map, and soon an injustice there
    ‘may’ be rectified, one that is a hundred years overdue.

    Yet he and Tim accomplished it in less than two months, albeit
    with the help of a byelection.

    Being imprisoned in the states is no crime in my book, their
    entire federal system is an illegal entity. Manlin Chee has been a
    public defender for over twenty years, won many awards, and now sits
    in jail because she sat on a panel that argued against the patriot
    act. While Canada isn’t MUCH better, it is SOME better.

    But like I said, the courts will give no recourse, as the courts
    have clearly stated that Canada’s own terrorist act does not infringe
    on civil liberties. Anybody who thinks highly of civil liberties in
    Canada just needs to remember Oka, or Quebec, where thousands of
    french were rounded up without charge just so Trudeau could pretend to
    be macho.

    There are lots of organizations that are attacking these things,
    and personally I think its a shame that those who have virtually
    identical claims against the government can’t seem to get along. If
    there were a dozen Charles Leblanc’s in the province we could
    literally turn the province upside down. YOu seem to have the passion,
    but maybe a little too much, as often you are incomprehensible. That’s
    unfortunate because those who are victims of the aggression of the
    state are those whose stories most deserve to be heard.

    Just a recommendation, but when you mentioned all those lawyers
    then you definitely got my interest. These guys work in a shroud of
    secrecy and somebody with the guts to air their dirty laundry would
    definitely accomplish more good with political activism than with
    lawsuits. Courts were designed to put undesirables in jail, not mete
    out justice. Hell, New Brunswick doesn’t even allow class action

    I don’t always agree with Charles, and often his views and how he
    states them make me cringe, but I’m glad that he does what he does,
    and NB is a province that NEEDS more ‘activism’. I’d just suggest
    doing it in a way that’s guaranteed to get the most results. But
    that’s just my opinion-not Vaughns.
    10:50 PM

    Anonymous said…

    What planet in cyber space are you from oh yet with noname who
    claims not to be Vaughn? The first thing you should do when you touch
    down on mother earth is get a name. Then learn to read BEFORE you
    write. I ain’t no god damned activist. GET IT? However I am a very
    fierce political animal. GET IT? I am just a very pissed off Maritimer
    with way bigger balls than you.

    Some activist you are with only half a mind to say something like
    this to me. Go to jail sometime in Yankee Doodleland and then come
    back home and tell me that crap again.
    “Being imprisoned in the states is no crime in my book,”

    After you figure out the nonsense that you just wrote in support
    of a liar. Why not get an email account and a telephone too and learn
    how to use them BEFORE you attack a man who understands more about
    what you are yapping about than you could ever dream. I have no doubt
    that you are clever and you may be well on your way to being just
    another lawyer but you cannot learn to be ethical in any law school.
    You must be born with the genes. It seems that you and Chucky are a
    couple bricks shy of that load.

    On the other hand in reading some of your words about what Chucky
    has done I think you may be the political science student at the
    homeless shelter that the lady that was on Tom Young’s show spoke of
    when I called her afterwards. Either way I don’t care. i don’t want to
    know you.
    Ask you buddy Chucky sometime to share his emails from me with you
    if you are truly are not his buddy Vaughn. Better yet go on a mission
    with your mouse and go through Chuckys many blogs and figure out who
    he is for yourself. Then ask Vaughn if you can view the hard copy of
    the material he admited having BEFORE I was falsely imprisoned in
    2004. Activists have a lot to learn about listening to folks before
    there is trouble. It seems they allow things to happen just so they
    can protest about it later. I was challenging the FBI etc and arguing
    crooked US Attorneys about other matters in Federal Court in Boston
    months before that nonsense in Iraq began. whereas you seem to have a
    love of lucre Vaughn should tell ya that in two matters I was awarded
    judgements by default for 32 million bucks and I laughed and told them
    to shove it up their arse because the judgement came from the wrong
    court. It is all about jurisdiction venue and justice. I cannot demand
    integrity of others without proving my own first. When the crooked
    lawyers filed motions to remove the defaults and file their answers
    late I did not oppose them. It so shocked the hell out of the Yankee
    bastards they were not long sending the Secret Service to try to take
    a man away who would rather argue the awful truth than take a pay off.
    In my book false imprisonment is definite illegal and when I look
    at your writing and Chuckys I cannot forget what I was taught. There
    are NO degrees of honesty either you are or your are NOT. Go kiss
    Chucky good night. Will ya? I have had enough of both of you oh ye who
    may be Vaughn. I so not feel sorry that I do not believe you.(Damned
    for a little Damned for at lot)
    Veritas Vincit
    David Raymond Amos
    11:57 PM

    Anonymous said…

    One last ting before I sign off that I forgot to say. Yankee
    lawyers swear an oath before the Bar before they are allowed to
    practice law for a fee. Part of it goes something like this. “I will
    not delay or deny any man for lucre or malice” the politicians and
    lawyers I am arguing ignore their oath for lucre which far easier to
    understand than the malice you and Chucky wish against me. i tried to
    help Chucky and even gave him a computer because he whined that he did
    not have one. The only thing I asked in return was for him to go to
    Brad Green’s office and give him a pile of documents and one CD in an
    unsealed envelope so that every one could see that there was nothing
    harmful inside.The liar claimed many things and slammed me six ways to
    Sunday while blocking my protests. I was getting even on April fools
    and draging him into a place where most lawyer fear to go. An ethical
    argument in public view. Like Tom Young on the radio he keep
    threatening to press the delete button when things were not going his
    way. Charles Leblanc is all about Charles LeBlanc no less no more.
    Veritas Vincit
    12:13 AM

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