Civil rights and liberties advocate André Faust Chastises Facebook Group Fredericton Daily News For Biased Censorship

By André Faust (June 13, 2017)

It is only a simple Facebook page that boasts it delivers news to Fredericton and surrounding area, but when you look under the hood, in their description a different story is told. The site is a tool to promote their antivigilante group against potential sex abusers.

Here is the description of what this page purpose of the page.

Daily News Groups was created as a tool to get out the messages from the Sexual Abuse Network of Canada to locals about convicted child molesters living in communities filled with children when traditional media does not report on them. We have 49 groups across Canada that has one for every province and groups for most major cities. We post local news and in the cities with online police scanners, we post scanner calls as they happen to keep everyone informed second by second as the calls take place.

When an issue comes up where a local city has a child molester that needs to be profiled and the city warned we can use the Daily News Groups to get the message to the people in those communities.

By joining up to your local group and adding your friends and family as well, we build a network of concerned citizens worried about who is near our children as they play. As the groups grow and we profile a child molester their opportunities to get close to another child goes down when everyone already knows who they are and where they are.

We are the first that we know of that has created a national database of child molesters that the public can access and it is growing everyday by our local group members telling us about who is in their backyards and after doing the research on them we add them to the database. EVERY NAME on the database has been CONVICTED of molesting a child . You can access this site with the link below.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to private message any of our admins and they would be more than happy to help you.

Contrary to what they claim the purpose of the group is they portrait themselves as a news source, who will not publish any controversial news story instead of they stick with fluff news with really no substance, in other words, the news that they post is inherent news.

From what can be determined the administrators of the page are pro-pipeline. They pulled a news story where Mark D’Archy of Council of Canadians was explaining the secrecy behind the pipeline deals.

The pipeline story did spawn arguments on both sides of the issue, both the pros and the cons demonstrated much respect to each other’s positions. So pulling the interview was not a question of profanity. The discourse between the two was more or less an educational experience. The pulling the story was a blatant manipulation of information to prevent any counter arguments against the pipeline from being express.

Given that the objective of the site is totally different than the name of the page “Fredericton Daily News” the page is actually a promotional page for another cause. That being said the Title Fredericton news is a deception.


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