Children Belong to the State


By John Bosnitch (Aug 29, 2021)

PARENTS BEWARE! After a 70-year “brain drain” this is what is left behind in my poor Canadian home province…

Globalist pawn Dominic Cardy worked abroad for various arms of the Murican war empire. As a personal friend of a member of the Irving oil-i-garch mafia family that owns my Canadian home province, Cardy was “brought home” to help rule the remaining proles on the Irving’s plantation-province.

He parachuted into politics first in a surprising takeover of the leftist/labor-oriented New Democratic Party (NDP). With labor unions near dead and their political party on life support, Cardy easily managed to infiltrate and take over the NDP despite being the “golden boy” friend of the oppressive anti-worker Irving oligarchs.

Predictably, the NDP quickly collapsed completely as its better-informed pro-workers-union party members abandoned their party at the polls… effectively eliminating their own lobby group in the province.

Mission accomplished, Cardy then abandoned the sunken ship that he had pirate-boarded and scuttled… openly revealing his true colors by crossing the floor to join the Irving oil-i-garchs’ wholly owned governing Conservative Party.

The so-called Conservative party functions as a publicly-funded management consultancy for the Irving oil-i-garchs. It has the role of changing the province’s laws (in whatever way they can get away with) to maximize the Irving’s profits at the expense of the people of the province of New Brunswick.

Chameleon Cardy was of course rewarded with a ministry in return for his successful Trojan horse destruction of the only pro-worker party (the NDP).

Cardy thus joined the leadership of the pro-Irving “Conservative” party, which is led by former Irving manager (and current provincial Premier) Blaine Higgs, who’s now making more money for the Irvings while being paid by the taxpayers than he ever earned the Irvings while he was honestly working as their direct employee on their payroll.

High on the globalist agenda of the multibillionaire Irving mafia clan is the over-arching “great reset” taking place planet-wide under the mantra of “We must stop the virus!”.

As the globalist bosses’ minion, turncoat-“Conservative” Cardy is now demanding the mandatory vaccination of children (despite not having any children himself) in his capacity as Minister of (mis-)Education…

Rejecting *real* parents’ fears and concerns about such vaccinations, Cardy now claims that he has the right and power to enforce such vaccine mandates because the children are “our children” as if they belonged to the state (which is itself effectively the property of the tax-evading offshore oil-i-garch Irving family, which also “owns” Cardy himself).

Legendary Great Depression-era Louisiana Governor Huey Long, who ruled his state like a fascist dictator, never achieved the absolute concentration of power that the spawn of the Irving clan have achieved in undereducated New Brunswick, which has become the poorest province in Canada under their family rule.

Cardy is today functioning as the Irvings’ boot planted squarely on the face of the oppressed people of New Brunswick. And he thinks he owns your children too!

The IRVING motto should be: “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”

3 thoughts on “Children Belong to the State

  1. typical lefty spin on realty… cardy is from the uk.. he is a minion of the ‘crown’ and it would be honest reporting to say he is pro-communitarianism ie. u.n. agenda 2030 -hence the wording he used which was ‘community’ looking out for the children.. would you like to be educated on communitarianism? i realize with your university degrees you feel superior intellectually – but really… you are in the dark blaming the irvings over and over again for your woes.. [ a good read ] … I still wonder if it was Andre Faust who disabled my access to the blogger in 2012 when the shitstorm with Occupy Fredericton online took place.

  2. For over a year I haven’t had time to update this site, this is the reason for the late response; To answer your question I did not disable your access to lovethislifeblogger in 2012. I have either forgotten about that sight or I am not connected with the lovesthislifeblogger.

    On sites that I do operate I allow all post, even if such post a contrary to what I believe. Post that I will not permit are those against Canadian law, eig. Defamatory, Hate, violence to any identifiable group.. etc.

    • Tell me why you trust Charles Leblanc? You’re absolutely clueless who that dork is working for.

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